Sunset Eyeshadow Will Give You Major Beach Vibes, Just In Time For Summer

Summer is here, which means it's time for a collective sigh of relief, and maybe a little self-care by way of some cute new swimwear for this year's swimming season. And thankfully, social media has gifted us with the perfect makeup to match swank new suits: The sunset eyeshadow trend is taking over Instagram, just in time for hitting the beach — or at least a few pool parties.

Instagrammers have caught on to this twilight trend, which most often melds dusky pinks, warm oranges, and cool purples, but also allows for some seriously sweet interpretations, like this glitterfied version and this bright twist, which includes to-die-for, sky-blue eyebrows.

The dozens of snaps shared under the #sunseteyeshadow hashtag will give you total beauty inspiration, and thankfully there are plenty of sunset eyeshadow tutorials cropping up, so you can master this beach-ready look with the help of a few bona fide experts.

Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin told Bustle in January 2017 that bright eyeshadow was going to be one of this year's biggest trends, and so far it looks like her prediction skills are on point.

While sunset eyeshadow certainly is one of this summer's brightest looks, the best thing about this trend is how flexible it is. Check out some cool variations below!

The colors included in cjw_cosmeticobsessive's sunset eyeshadow are the most common — but the eyeliner kicks it up a notch, turning this look from soft summer night to totally killer.

Beautybybellissima's sunset eyeshadow is perfect, but IMO, it's further amped up by those completely amazing sunset ochre lips.

This look by fadekexo blends in a gorgeous blue with the warmer sunset colors, proving this eyeshadow trend doesn't have to be bright to be beautiful.

We can only hope there are many warm, lazy nights by the water to come, but even if you can't get out to see the sun setting over the beach, this new trend will have you carrying your own personal sunset all summer long.