This Japanese Artist Makes False Lashes That Are Absolutely Unreal

Summer has officially begun, bringing us beach season, fest season, and, of course, a crop of brand new beauty trends. Whether you're looking for something to spice up your fest look or just want to try something fresh to go with your newfound summer freedom, this Japanese lash artist creates wearable art too beautiful to pass up.

Japanese artist Miyuki hand-makes (and luckily for us, Instagrams) incredible deco lashes, which are made using everything from tiny flower charms to rhinestones to feathers to butterfly wings. Miyuki produces both top and bottom lashes that are equally and uniquely decorated, like these delicate butterfly lashes, which feature both halves of a butterfly's wing.

The items spotlighted on Miyuki's Instagram are a smorgasbord of gorgeous, and if you want to snag a pair of your own, they're not too hard to get: Miyuki's deco lashes are available for purchase on the Japanese site Village Vanguard, and will run you between 3,240 yen, or about $30 USD, and 9,720 yen, or about $90 USD. There are currently a few limited-time, seasonal items in the shop, like these plant-inspired lashes, available in a couple different colors, and these "stained glass" butterfly lashes.

No matter what your summer plans are, these lashes are the perfect eye-catching (terrible pun not intended) accessory for any ensemble.

Check out some of the coolest Miyuki lash sets below.

1. Hydrangea

Myk Eyelashes

Hydrangea Lashes, about $30,

These hydrangea lashes come in magenta and cyan, and Miyuki says the silver pieces and clear charms are meant to look like raindrops when the wearer's eyes are closed.

2. Stained Glass Butterfly

Myk Eyelashes

Stained Glass Butterfly (Keiha) Set, about $78,

These lashes complete a full butterfly when you're wearing both halves — but honestly, these will be amazing no matter how they're worn.

3. Red Chandelier

Myk Eyelashes

Red Chandelier Lashes, about $40,

These lashes are bottom only, and each piece is unique due to variation in stones, Miyuki says. While these would be a show-stopper at pretty much any event, they definitely call for a Game of Thrones marathon, IMO.

While there are surely more summer trends heading our way, these lashes are a great kick-off to the season — and an easy way to add some over-the-top art to all your beach, fest, and everywhere else looks.