These Swatches Of Anastasia Beverly Hills's New Palette Will Leave You Shaking

If Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for one thing, it's eyeshadow palettes. Once in a while the brand takes a break from lipstick and highlighters and shakes the makeup world to its core. This time, it's Norvina's time to shine — literally. Swatches of ABH's Norvina Palette will have you grabbing for your wallet, because it'll be here before you know it.

In case you don't know, Norvina is the HBIC of Anastasia Beverly Hills. She's the daughter to creator Anastasia Soare and works tirelessly on new launches. So it only makes sense that she would get her own palette eventually. The time is here, and she is not playing around.

The 14-shade Norvina Palette is a collection of purple, pink, and neutral-toned shades that will give you tons of different looks. To prove that, the brand has shown 13 different looks on Instagram and none of them are the same or even similar for that matter.

But as great as seeing the shades on the eyes are, it's the swatches that will blow your mind. ABH shared a photo of all the shades on four different skin tones, and they look gorgeous on every single one of them. No matter who you are, there's a good chance that you will be obsessed with this palette.

Go ahead and stare but don't do it for too long, because it'll be here before you know it. The Norvina Palette will be available on July 17 on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. After that, it will slowly launch at other retailers as well. Because, let's be honest, it will likely sell out online this day.

The palette will be at Ulta Beauty in-stores and online on July 29, and online at Sephora, Macys, Dilliards, and Nordstrom on Aug. 7. It will then arrive in stores at all the above retailers on Aug. 17, after going international on Aug. 8. That is a whole lot of options for buying this palette, my friends.

There is a good chance that this palette will sell out at more than one location. The brand is known for its' incredible way of clearing shelves within hours. With a large following and tons of people wanting to show Norvina support, this will likely be the same. Especially when you consider how stunning the colors are.

If you think the shades are good, just wait until you hear the names. There's Dreamer, Summer, Wild Child, Rose Gold, Celestial, Dazzling, Drama, Base, Soul, Incense, Love, Volatile, Eccentric, and Passion. Anyone that follows Norvina on social media can see how personal this palette is. There are words that describe her, like Passion and Wild Child, as well as things that are meaningful to the brand like Rose Gold and Drama.

Just like other palettes from the brand, you'll also get a double-sided brush to go along with the stunning shades. In case you're not sure if you'll like the shades, the makeup looks on the brand's Instagram will change your mind. The photos show off tons of different looks, all on different skin tones. This palette might be Norvina's creation, but it was truly made for everyone.

The brand's swatches aren't the only ones floating around out there, either. Influencers have started to get their hands on the palette, and they agree that the shades are stunning. Of course, you won't know for sure until it's in your hands, but these images are pretty darn convincing.

Between the shades and the pretty purple textured palette, there's basically no reason not to shop. Go ahead and set your money aside now, because this is one launch that you will not want to miss.