Anastasia Beverly Hills Is FINALLY Coming Out With A New Palette

Yep, it's that magical time of year again when fan-favorite brand Anastasia Beverly Hills gears up for the launch of another must-have palette. This time, the brand's efforts have been put into quite the unique shadow set, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette, a purple-themed stunner that's like nothing the brand has ever done before.

ABH may be the reigning champ of brow products and they may have the highlighter game on lock, but the brand sure has a knack for producing drool-worthy eyeshadows. The Modern Renaissance palette achieved its cult-classic status so quickly, it just had to become a permanent member of the brand's inventory. Then there was the Prism and Soft Glam palettes that shook the beauty community to the core, proving when ABH does an eyeshadow palette, they do it damn good. With the Subculture palette on super sale at Sephora right now, the brand finally looks to be making room for yet another iconic shadow set.

A palette created and named after brand president Claudia Norvina Soare, daughter to ABH's founder, Anastasia Soare, the soon-to-be-released gem is truly special. It's one of those beauties that'll have you impatiently waiting until it officially drops later in July.

An even mix of seven shimmers and seven matte shades, the Norvina palette is everything you would want in a purple shadow set and more. There's a little something for everyone — cool tones, rich purples, warm neutrals, and even hints of pink and gold to bring the color family full circle. But it's still all about the purple, as evident by the palette's fuzzy, lavender exterior and its inspiration from Soare, a purple-haired beauty wiz that's responsible for masterminding the brand's shadows.

"I was curious what people will say about the palette. I did not expect the overwhelming response this palette got, in a daze still," Soare wrote in her debut photo caption. "I was so shook today I literally went to the office lmaoo, its my comfort zone".

If this is what the president's comfort zone looks like, then this is certainly a great place to be. The purple dream already has the beauty community on edge for its release date. All laid out on ABH's Instagram, the Norvina palette will officially drop on July 17 via the brand's website. The palette will then make its way to Ulta Beauty online on July 29, before hitting stores on Aug. 5. On Aug. 7, other retailers will carry Norvina online, and by Aug. 17, the palette will have a place on shelves in Sephora, Macys, Dillards and Nordstrom. So, there's really a ton of marking on your calendar in order if you want to snag the Norvina palette at the right place and time.

The purple palette is truly too good to pass up. Recently showing off just how well the palette swatches, Soare gave a poolside view of the shadows in all of their rich plum and shimmery gold glory.

There are ideal transition shades like "Eccentric", described by Soare as a "deep squash". Every golden hue is to die for, like the aptly named "Rose Gold" or the regal "Summer". Of course, there are the prettiest purples like the gorgeous deep periwinkle "Soul", the pearlescent "Celestial", and the smoldering "Drama". But even Soare herself wrote that the themed palette needed to have its purple limits, so "Love" and "Wild Child" are the cool-toned pinks that add subtle hints of color while still complimenting the shade range.

Clearly, creating highly-coveted palettes are all in a normal day's work for Claudia Soare, and now she has the purple masterpiece to really prove it. Just one glimpse of the beauty boss rocking Norvina and you'll be convinced that it's the palette you needed as of yesterday.