Swatches Of ABH's Subculture Palette Are Gorgeous

Of course, a palette inspired by makeup lovers on Instagram is bound to be amazing. This brand has quite the following online, and according to an Instagram caption announcing their upcoming product, their newest addition was created with fans in mind. Photos of Anastatsia Beverly Hills’ Subculture Palette prove it’s a must-have for fall, and beauty junkies everywhere are going to want to get their hands on it!

The first photo of the Subculture Palette has been released, and the colors are truly to die for. This palette has a different feel from the first popular palette from the brand, Modern Renaissance. The Modern Renaissance Palette was full of light pinks and oranges, where Subculture is like a walk on the dark side in comparison.

It’s full of 14 mostly matte shadows ranging from peach to deep plum and couldn’t be more perfect for the fall season if it tried. Based on the reactions the photo has gotten so far, it’s apparent that fans are freaking out over these shades and would be more than happy to add them to their personal collections. If you’re hoping to snatch this before it sells out, you better be ready to shop the second it goes live on July 25. Prepare for an ABH fan takeover because yeah — these hues are that good.

The Subculture Palette is like the sister you never knew Modern Renaissance even had.

Subculture Palette, $42, Sephora

Whatever Modern Renaissance was lacking, Subculture makes up for. With navy, burgundy, mustard and peach hues, these shades will have your makeup on-trend for fall.

Everything from the packaging to the shades themselves is absolutely on-point.

Swatches that have surfaced online prove that the colors are just as incredible as you'd imagine them to be.

That's precisely why fans are already falling in love with this product.

It's so amazing, it's got fans crying happy tears, and I can't say I blame them for it.

Modern Renaissance Palette, $42, Sephora

Considering Modern Renaissance retails for $42, you can likely expect Subculture to be similarly priced — meaning you'll want it in your cart, ASAP. And if you haven't picked up Subculture's berry-toned sister, you might as well grab that while you're at it.

Be on the lookout for Subculture to drop on July 25.