See Swatches Of BH Cosmetics' Highlighter Palettes

by Kali Borovic

Every brand from Nicole Guerriero x Anastasia Beverly Hills to Kylie Cosmetics is jumping on the highlight bandwagon, and now there's another one getting into the mix as well. According to Instagram, BH Cosmetics created two new highlighting palettes. One of them is more conventional palette and one is for fans of bright color, but swatches of the Backlight and Spotlight Highlighting Palettes will prove that both are equally worth the buy.

Looking to amp up your shimmer for the upcoming months? BH Cosmetics has all of your bases covered. The brand is always coming out with different palettes, but this pair of highlight kits could just be their best yet. There's the Spotlight Palette, which has your typical gold and pearl highlights, and the Backlight Palette, which is filled with more unconventional shades. Each one comes with six different cheek shine colors, and, while the price has yet to be announced, there's no doubt in my mind that it will be affordable.

Spotlight Palette, $17, Bh Cosmetics; Backlight Palette, $17, Bh Cosmetics

Unfortunately, there isn't a launch date yet for the Spotlight and Backlight Highlighting Palettes. One thing is for sure though. Once you see these swatches, you're going to want to start saving. Each one is super pigmented and wearable — despite what they look like in the pan.

The Backlight Palette, $17, Bh Cosmetics

First up is the Backlight Palette. There's everything from pink and yellow to bright white and even blue powders. Don't let the neon look of the pans fool you though. These colors are completely wearable and perfect for spring.

BH Cosmetics Instagram

Pastels are in, my friends. In BH Cosmetics' Instagram story, they showed off just how buildable these colors are. Whether you're looking for a colorful pop or just a subtle pastel glow, you can achieve it with the Backlight Palette.

The Spotlight Palette, $17, Bh Cosmetics

The Spotlight Palette is a lot more conventional as far as highlighters go. There's whites, golden tones, and pinks. Basically, everything you need to go from the end of winter through spring and all the way into summer. Just look at these gorgeous swatches.

BH Cosmetics Instagram

Not the most ground-breaking colors, but they're absolutely gorgeous. Between the two palettes, you have all of your bases covered. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get my hands on these sets.