KVD's Rock Candy Lippies Are Electrifying

Lips reign supreme with Kat Von D Beauty this year. The makeup maven and celeb tattoo artist is launching 25 new Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades, including a nude bundle featuring several variations of that color trend. Kat Von D Beauty is also introducing the Rock Candy Mini Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection, which features six really bright, bold, and positively electrifying shades, ranging from pink to purple. There's even a grey lippie, which is such a hot makeup shade right now. The lip swatches — that is, swatches of the shades on an actual mouth — are proof that bold lips will remain a trend in 2017. But the Rock Candy Studded Kiss lippies aren't just adventurous shades, where the lipstick bullet itself is color matched to the cap and tube. There's a new Studded Kiss formula on the way, too!

First, let's admit that the lip swatches will also having you coveting the limited edition set. Since there are six lippies, you can wear a different shade every day of the week, with one repeat!

The latest Instagram post about the Rock Candy Studded Kiss lippie set states that the collection will be available as of Apr. 11.

Kat Von D, who first teased these lippies last spring, also shared the formula upgrade details on her personal Insta feed.

While the swatches will have you wanting to create a precise, perfectly lined, and high impact lip look, the accompanying caption should have Kat Von D-evotees thrilled. The Studded Kiss formula is getting an upgrade across the entire line this year. A drag-free, long-wear, and sweetly-scented formula, along with more shade choices? Yes!

Now, this is what I would refer to as #SquadGoals or #MakeupGoals or #LipstickGoals in 2017.

Images: Kat Von D/Instagram (1); Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (1)