NYX Cosmetics' New Lip Lingerie Shades Are Amazing

by Augusta Statz

Matte liquid lipsticks blew up in 2016, so you likely added quite a few to your collection in the last year. But, just because 2016 is, like, so yesterday doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to this beauty trend. Swatches of NYX Cosmetics’ New Lip Lingerie shades will prove that you can never have too many liquid lippies in your life.

The brand just announced 12 new hues that are joining the existing 12 colors in the line-up. So, yes, there are now 24 different Lip Lingerie options to choose from, and let me tell you something — you’re going to have a hard time picking a favorite. The latest hues include everything from a cool gray, brown to a light pastel peach. Like I said, deciding which ones to buy will be tough, unless you just go ahead and purchase them all, that is!

These retail for $7 apiece, which is really affordable for what you’re getting. They claim to have creamy color payoff and a “plush matte finish,” making them oh-so easy to wear. You can add them to your cart via the NYX Cosmetics website as well as at NYX Cosmetics retailers, such as Ulta Beauty.

Not only are these hues gorgeous, they also look incredible on a variety of skin tones.


Here's a full rundown of each of the new lippies.

Colors like these are too good not to have in your makeup bag.

You'll have a lip product to suit every occasion because you never know where 2017 will take you.

1. Cashmere Silk

Courtesy NYX Cosmetics

Lip Lingerie in Cashmere Silk, $14, Amazon

This is sure to be your new go-to nude.

2. French Maid

Courtesy NYX Cosmetics

Lip Lingerie in French Maid, $15, Amazon

Can't go wrong with a dusty rose hue on-hand, you know?

3. Cheekies

Courtesy NYX Cosmetics

Lip Lingerie in Cheekies, $7, Amazon

If you just can't get enough of the peach beauty trend, you need to get your hands on this shade, stat!

4. Seduction

Courtesy NYX Cosmetics

Lip Lingerie in Seduction, $15, Amazon

Up for bringing terracotta into 2017? Can't say I blame you!

5. Confident

Courtesy NYX Cosmetics

Lip Lingerie in Confident, $15, Amazon

You're in for a major glam moment with this muted plum slicked across your pout.

6. Scandalous

Courtesy NYX Cosmetics

Lip Lingerie in Scandalous, $14, Amazon

Put a cool new twist on the '90s brown lip with this gray-tinted number.

Shop these lippies and more for all of the matte action you can handle this year!