Tarte's Newest Palette Was Inspired By Mermaids & It Will Make You Feel Like A Sea Siren

Beauty lovers can't seem to catch a break. Everyday there's some new fancy schmancy palette threatening to snatch all of your hard earned monies. This time it's a soon to-be-released mermaid-inspired set of shadows coming for your wallet. Especially now that swatches of Tarte's Mermaid And Make Waves Palette have surfaced, nobody's earnings are safe.

It goes without saying that Tarte knows just how to get the beauty community riled. Whether they create a holy grail complexion product or undergo a controversial product launch, there's always chatter about the brand. Thanks to Tarte's upcoming spring release, a dreamy set of shadows that The Little Mermaid herself would adore, the brand will have beauty lovers forever hooked on their goods.

It seems Tarte has a thing for drawing inspo from mythical creatures. Last spring's unicorn-inspired collection is proof that shimmery shades and duo-chrome finishes are the brand's forte. Back at it again, but this time with an underwater twist, Tarte is releasing 14 new shadows that will make all of your mermaid dreams come true.

Just one look at swatches of the mermaid palette will be enough to convince you that this gem is a must-have for your beauty collection.

Even without seeing how the shadows perform, it's obvious that this palette is packing a sparkly punch. The peachy colors are so on trend, the golden hues practically jump from the screen, and the blue-greens are the perfect touches to a shadow set inspired by a siren.

If you're not careful, the immaculate packaging will convince you need this palette in your life. Encased within a sea green-colored sea shell, the shadows rest in scale-shaped pans. So, this is really one beautiful, Ariel-approved palette.

But enough of the small talk already. The swatches are what's really going to sell you on the newest member of Tarte's beauty family.

The peach and earth-toned mattes swatch with quality pigmentation. These neutrals will surely slay no matter what bold colors you pair them with.

Stare at the shimmer shades too long and you're sure to be wiping away drool. From the looks of it, they're a mix of neutrals and pops of color that feature metallic and duochrome finishes. There's a fiery red that'll set any look on fire, every golden shimmer is a winner, and the last three aquatic shades are surely what mermaid dreams are made of.

Yep, this palette is a definite winner. Twitter reactions to the swatches are proof that Tarte will have a best-seller on its hands. 

It's going to be hard for many beauty lovers to fight the temptation of adding this beauty to their stash.

It's the color scheme of fiery neutrals and sultry blue-greens that made it love at first sight for some Twitter users.

Not everyone was impressed, though. Some felt there weren't enough marine-inspired shades to say the palette has a definitive mermaid theme.

When the majorly orange-red color scheme let some beauty lovers down, the palette design made up for the shadows lacked.

Despite negative reactions, many were still fans of the palette and could already envision makeup looks using it.

Indeed, the swatches left many awestruck.

Although swatches and the palette design are heavy on social media, there are still no official deets regarding the price, release date, and formula of the palette. TrendMood has reported via Instagram that it will retail for $42, online and in Sephora stores, but Tarte has neither confirmed or denied these specs.

If last year's spring release is any indication, fans can expect the palette to officially launch in March. Until then, beauty lovers can sign-up on Tarte's website to be notified when the mermaid collection hits retailers.

Now, the wait is on until the dreamy palette finally swims your way.