You Need To See Kylie's Valentine Swatches

If you are a Kylie Cosmetics obsessive or Lip Kit lover, well, you're likely used to parting ways with your money when Kylie Jenner launches new shades or new products. The Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day 2017 Collection features new Lip Kit shades, the brand's first-ever blushes inside the Kylie's Diary palette, a Mini Matte collection, and mini Valentine sets. For customers, it's more #ByeMoney moments courtesy of the brand, which is becoming known for its blockbuster holiday edition products. Kylie Cosmetics will drop the 2017 Valentine's Day collection on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT.

Jenner shared swatches of lots of new colors when revealing the collection on her busy Snapchat feed on Jan. 25.

These swatches of the rich, pigmented, and velvet-look mattes, as well as the shimmery glosses and eyeshadows, will have you reaching for your wallet, pulling out your credit card, and mentally preparing to kiss that ka$h goodbye.

It's OK, though. There is no Kylie Cosmetics shaming happening here. I know the struggle is real and by "struggle," I am referring to trying to choose which products you want. Previously, the struggle was the degree of difficulty in scoring the koveted Lip Kits before they sold out upon launch last year! 'Member how it used to be?

That said, let's move forward and peep dem swatches.

Technically, this isn't a swatch. This is product in a pan. But I had to share the blushes ASAP! They are gorg, right? I love the brightness and the hearts stamped into the product itself.

This the Kylie's Diary color story and some of the swatches.

The Kiss Me Mini Valentine Set has two shadows and two lip products. It's all about the neutrals here.

These swatches are from the Smooch Mini Set — it's very pink 'n' berry. A matte, a gloss, and two shadows!

The Sweet Heart Mini Set is aces. The three Mini Valentine Sets have two lip products and two shadows a piece; they are not to be confused with the Mini Matte set.

These swatches are from all of the Valentine Mini Sets. I have had lists as long as my arm. Kylie has swatches as long as an arm. Sorry, had to!

Another holiday, another Mini Matte set!

Practice your best Miss America wave... because that's how you will gesture towards your cash once this range lands.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Kylie Jenner/Snapchat (6)