Too Faced New Unicorn Tears Liquid Lipstick Is As '90s As It Gets

It's official: The unicorn trend will live on forever. Or at least another season, thanks to Too Faced. According to the brand's Instagram post, Too Faced's Unicorn Tears in the Melted Latex formula is available right now on the brand's website. Yes, the twist-tube lipstick that you already know and love has gotten a glossy update, and it's already taking the world by storm.

There were rumors about the Unicorn Tears Melted Latex coming out back in June, according to previous Bustle reporting. Jerrod Blandino even teased the brand spanking new product way back in March. But the brand pulled all mention of the product from their social accounts in the following months, leaving fans extremely confused.

The product also made an appearance, but was subsequently pulled, from Sephora's website in the midst of the confusion. Bustle reached out to the brand for comment on the delayed launch.

Although the shade is still not available on the Sephora website, you can now have the mystical glossy shade via the Too Faced's website right now. According to the website the formula is a "honey-like texture that ensures gloss clings to lips with a latex shine," and the color even more shimmery than the original, if you can believe it.

The rest of the Melted Latex line launched in June 2017 in 15 shades, which are all still available on the Too Faced website. Each one is $21, including the new and infamous Unicorn Tears shade. While the original Unicorn Tears Lipstick is a light blue color with shimmers in it, the Melted Latex formula is a lot more smooth.

Melted Latix Liquified Lipstick, $21, Too Faced

It's also worth mentioning that the new product's packaging is slightly different than the others in the Melted Latex collection. While the first round of launches has clear, plastic packaging that lets you see the product inside the tube, the Unicorn Tears bottle is completely opaque.

Don't think that means it's limited edition, though. Just like the original formula, this lipstick will live on in the makeup world for years to come.

The video that the brand posted on Instagram shows the color gliding effortlessly onto lips with extremely opacity. It's not quite a solid lip color, but it's not a topper, either.

If liquid lipstick aren't your thing — and no shame there! — you'll be happy to know that the original Unicorn Lipstick is available on the Too Faced website right now, too. According to the products description, it's much more hydrating than the other formula. But of course, there's a downfall — it doesn't last as long on the lips.

It's also $22, which is one dollar more than the Melted formula. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either and it's incredible that you can now get options to choose from with the quirky, unconventional color.

Melted Latex Liquified Lipstick, $21, Too Faced

No matter the confusing drama around this launch, you can't deny this shade is an absolute stunner. While it's not exactly the most wearable, it's the prefect trendy pop of color to carry around in your makeup arsenal for special occasions.

There's no telling how fast the newest Unicorn Tears formula will sell out, especially since Halloween is right around the corner. So get the lovely lavender shade before any more confusion heads your way.