There Is A New Version Of Too Faced's Unicorn Tears Lipstick

Courtesy of Too Faced Cosmetics

To quote Too Faced, Unicorn Tears isn't just a lipstick — it's a way of life. The brand isn't just paying lip service — natch!— either. The brand is serious about the unicorn glam and beauty trend. So, get ready to weep Unicorn Tears. Too Faced's Unicorn Tears lipstick is back and with a new formula. Go ahead. Cry uni tears, diamonds, or any sparkly, priceless gem and proceed to radiate joy over this news. Unicorn Tears lipstick is that darn good. How is the new Unicorn Tears lipstick different than the original?

Here's how — Unicorn Tears is now available as a Melted Latex Liquefied High Shine Lipstick, which adds "a burst of intense, buildable, high shine color," per the Instagram caption revealing Unicorn Tears Melted Latex in all of her mythical, mystical, and magical makeup glory.

Too Faced's Unicorn Tears Lipstick, $21, Too Faced

The original La Creme Unicorn Tears lippie was creamy and hydrating, whereas the Melted version boasts a plastic-like shine.

The Unicorn Tears in the Melted Latex formula drops on Thursday, Jun. 15. The tube is a pretty, iridescent, and totally shimmery shade that matches the bullet of the original.

Let's have a look at the tube of liquid Unicorn Tears now... but get ready to shake and cry some more.

Too Faced's Unicorn Tears Lipstick, $21, Too Faced

It's makeup magic, for realz.

The new version of Unicorn Tears joins the family of Melted Latex liquid lippies. The entire Melted Latex range debuts on Jun. 15, as well. The Melteds come in a Matte and a yummy Chocolate range, as well. I can attest that the Melted range has killer texture and wears comfortably.

I love that Too Faced is bringing back patent leather shine and fusing it with a huge-in-2017 beauty trend, which is unicorn glam. Leave it Jerrod Blandino and co. to seamlessly combine two maj trends.

Courtesy of Too Faced Cosmetics

Unicorn Tears La Creme Lipstick, $22, Too Faced

Here is the "classic" version of Too Faced's Unicorn Tears. It is quite a beauty, isn't it? Now it'll be available in a liquid form with latex-like shine.