Taco Bell Just Launched A Line Of Shredded Cheeses


Praise be, the gods of cheese and Tex-Mex are smiling on us all today. If you need a way to get yourself out of the January blues, cheese is clearly the answer — and these cheeses offer something a little extra. Taco Bell Four Shredded Cheese blends are now available in stores, in four delicious varieties: Salsa Verde, Zesty Ranch, 7-Layer Blend, and Breakfast Fiesta. They're being offered at Meijer for $3.49, letting you take the flavor of your favorite fast food taco and bring it straight home. Or just add it to the things you already buy at Taco Bell, because you can never have too much queso and clearly you'll be keeping a pack of this in your car, right?

What can you expect from these cheeses? If you want to stick in the traditional Tex-Mex sphere, the Salsa Verde option takes shredded Monterey Jack, sharp white cheddar, sharp cheddar, and mild cheddar cheese and then spices if all up with some salsa verde seasoning. The Zesty Ranch option sounds perfect for making your salad not really salad, and is made up of shredded Monterey Jack cheese with ranch seasoning. You can take your bean dip to another level with the 7-Layer Blend of shredded mild cheddar, sharp white cheddar, Monterey Jack, Asadero, low-moisture mozzarella sharp cheddar, and queso quesadilla cheese — also know as all of the cheeses forever. Finally, brunch gets an upgrade with with Breakfast Fiesta, cheddar cheeses with a little bacon and smoke action added into the mix.

There's always something at home you can find to smother with cheese, but if you prefer to get your fix at Taco Bell itself, there are plenty of exiting options on offer. Not only have they brought back their delicious nacho fries, but Taco Bell's vegetarian menu is set to debut in 2019. Veggies and vegans like myself know how difficult it can be to get fast food on the go that has, you know, actual protein — and Tex-Mex really caters to those with difficult dietary requirement, so this is definitely a welcome addition. They've also promised to make some big changes at the company this year, including removing all artificial colors and flavors from their menu and removing preservatives and other additives when possible, reducing sodium, increasing sustainability, and keeping an affordable menu. On top of all that, they set a goal of awarding $21 million in scholarships by 2021 through the Taco Bell Foundation, so there's a lot more happening than just burritos. Though, really, burritos would be enough.

And if you're a total Taco Bell die-hard then you can use one of their locations to host your own party  — complete with Taco Bell merch. That's right, PARTY by Taco Bell is all about in-house events, for all of your birthday, wedding, funeral, baby shower, and divorce party needs. ...I'm assuming. I don't go to a lot of parties.

Being able to take Taco Bell's signature taste home with you is a clear win for fans of the chain — and with tortillas and their Fire Sauce and Baja Sauce already available, cheese was the obvious next step. It's what glues a meal together — literally, if you use enough of it — so Taco Bell is finally giving people what they want: cheese, cheese, and more cheese.