Taco Bell's New Holiday Collection Includes A Onesie All True Fans Will Love

by Caroline Burke
Taco Bell

Nothing screams holiday festivities quite like fast food paraphernalia. The two might seem completely mismatched at first, until you realize quite how much you're craving a crunch wrap supreme, one week into the season of pumpkin pies, glasses of eggnog, and other standard winter dishes. When it comes down to it, Taco Bell's 2019 Holiday Collection isn't just about celebrating your favorite food — it's about gifting your friends with something that will bring them joy, plain and simple.

Most people would agree that there's no greater hell than looking for the perfect Secret Santa gift. Gift swaps can be brutal, especially since you don't always know the person you're gifting all that well. But if you bring a Taco Bell sweater to the party, pretty much everyone is going to want the gift. Really, what person doesn't want to rock a Taco Bell choker necklace or tie clip? It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Taco Bell holiday gifts are also available at a range of prices, so that you don't feel like you're spending way too much or too little. It's all about moderation: you can grab a Taco Bell thermos for $20, or you can splurge for a $79 Taco Bell onesie, because, well, it's a Taco Bell onesie.

Here are some of the best offerings from the Taco Bell holiday collection:

Taco Bell 6 Ft. Inflatable Holiday Decoration

Have you ever looked at your yard and thought about how barren it is, even with a few holiday lights? This inflatable Taco Bell decoration is a gift you can give to yourself. Or you can give it to your parents as a token of your truest affection.

Three Pack Of Taco Bell Ornaments

This three-pack of Taco Bell ornaments is the ultimate stocking stuffer for every quesadilla-lover in your life. It might even inspire your friends to keep their trees up past the new year.

Taco Bell Tipsy Elves Mild Sauce Onesie

Are your friends and family even Taco Bell fans if they don't own this onesie? It's up for debate. So if you love them, you'll do them a favor and buy them this onesie. It'll help them sleep a little sweeter at night — but only if you move quick, because the onesies in this holiday collection tend to run out fast.

Taco Bell Cropped Sweatshirt

When fashion meets function, you get a sweatshirt like this. A cropped Taco Bell sweatshirt is so fashion-forward, your friends will never be able to stop thanking you.

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Blanket

The two warmest things in life are hot sauce and fuzzy blankets. But when you combine the two and get a hot sauce fuzzy blanket, you'll never get up from the couch again.

Taco Bell Hanging Choker Necklace

There's chic, and then there's a Taco Bell choker necklace, which is a whole other world of sophisticated. Give it to your mother, give it to your father; give it to all of your siblings and the friends you love the most.

Taco Bell Tie Clip

For the person you love who has a big interview coming up, here's the perfect accessory to ensure that they'll put their best foot forward. Or you could consider offering them up to your favorite groomsmen party, pretty much guaranteeing they'll look suave in photos.

Taco Bell Holiday Stocking Socks

If there's one type of clothing that quite literally anyone could always use more of, it's socks. Socks are the magic trick of adulthood: they disappear as quickly as you can buy them.

Taco Bell Take-Out Bag Insulated Lunch Tote

If shabby chic is your style, this faux-Taco Bell paper bag lunch tote is the way to go. It looks exactly like it always has, but you can reuse it again and again, keeping your food insulated on the run. It's a win-win: you can take your Taco Bell vibes everywhere you go, and you're also doing the environment a solid.

Taco Bell Sauce Packet Trio Hot Tumbler

This Taco Bell hot tumbler is the ultimate gift for the coffee or tea-lover in your life. It's pretty understated, at least for the Taco Bell holiday collection, and it'll help them enjoy their drinks on the go.

Taco Bell Fire Sauce Packet & Tacos Long Sleeve

How many Taco Bell long sleeve shirts is too many? The limit does not exist.

Taco Bell Numero Uno Snow Globe Pajama Set

If onesies aren't your vibe, you could opt for this Taco Bell snow globe pajama set. Better yet, grab a few pairs and take the cutest holiday photo any family has ever taken. You might even be able to squeeze your dog into one.

Taco Bell Limited Edition Snowglobe

This Taco Bell snowglobe is so festive that it'll brighten the mood of the Grinchiest friend you know. Plus, it's a great toy for your family member who loves to fidget with something while they watch a show or hang out with friends.

Taco Bell Numero Uno Mug

Who doesn't love adding an adorable coffee mug to their collection? This gift is perfect for a best friend, a grandparent, or anything in between.

Taco Bell 'Joy Full Of Tacos' Shirt

Sometimes the best gift is the most obvious one. This "Joy Full of Tacos" shirt is equal parts silly and festive, in all the best ways.

Of course, there are many other items in the Taco Bell Holiday Collection that you can peruse online. You should keep an eye out for the details of each item, because some are final sale and some are not. And if there's something you love, you should probably get it — because some items are selling out fast.