Taking This Survey By 2nd Graders Is The Best Thing You'll Do All Day

by Mia Mercado

Do you want to do arguably the most adorable thing you’ll do all day? Take this survey by Mrs. Porter's second grade class. You’ll be helping 7 and 8 year olds learn about graphs while simultaneously melting your cold, cold heart. I dare you to find cuter exercise in statistics that doesn’t involve a puppy with a graphing calculator.

Kara Porter is the second grade teacher you have to thank for such hard hitting questions as “Do you like Pokemon?” and “Does your name start with a vowel or a consonant?” Porter teaches at North Vermillion Elementary School in Cayuga, Indiana. What started as a way to teach her students about graphs and charts has become the internet’s latest obsession to “aww” at. The survey initially started spreading on the Indiana elementary school’s Facebook page but has since been answered by people from Finland, South Africa, and a wide variety of other places around the globe.

The survey closes today (Friday, March 17), so get your answers in before you start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. (Or don’t. That would likely provide for some interesting survey results.)

In case you can’t access the Google doc, which is likely because the second graders’ survey has become so popular that the site keeps crashing, here are a few of the questions inquiring young minds want to know.

The survey starts off with a softball question.

Easy enough.

But it evolves into an exercise in self-reflection.

Do I like LEGOs?

It divides the world into two kinds of people.

Then, the questions get divisive.

How do you chose? What are the criteria am I basing my selection on? Will the other animal find out?

And perhaps a little personal.

Keep in mind, the students are from Indiana. So, are you going to make a class of students in Indiana happy or will you answer the question honestly?

Finally, one student rewrote the "Are you a sociopath?" quiz into a single, 9-word question:

Who picks soup? WHO?!

Bustle has reached out to Mrs. Porter; we'll also keep our ear to the ground about the results of this survey. Because honestly, this is the best thing I've seen all day, and it is likely to be one of the best things we'll see throughout 2017, too.