This Brush Was Made Specifically For People With Fine Hair Who Shed A Lot

Tangle Teezer/Instagram

If you've got long or even medium length hair, you've likely had one of those moments where you get out of the shower, brush or comb your hair, and boom! The shedding is real and caught in your brush. Now, though, Tangle Teezer's new Fine & Fragile brush is here to help those with fine hair no longer have to worry about those dreaded moment of shedding post hair wash or daily hair brush.

If you haven't heard of Tangle Teezer, the brand is basically a hair brush giant, but perhaps their most well-known brush is their detangling styles. The palm sized brushes come with different varieties of flexible teeth able to detangle all hair types. What makes the brushes different are their two tiered bristles which help to limit breakage and damage as you get those pesky tangles out of your hair. While Tangle Teezer has had a brush specifically for normal and thick and curly hair, the brand is now introducing a brush specially for those with fine and delicate hair types.

The new Tangle Teezer Fine & Fragile brush features ultra soft bristles that will assist in detangling while not damaging hair, and thanks to the bristle, the brush will help to limit hair loss when brushes. Plus, the new product helps to stimulate the scalp during brushing in order to encourage hair growth. Kind of great, right?

While the brush itself is sure to be a hit with those who have fine or damaged hair, there's another great perk to the Tangle Teezer Fine & Fragile: the price. The brush is currently available online at Ulta and the Tangle Teezer website, and shoppers will be excited to learn that the new brush retails for just $12.

While Tangle Teezer's new brush is an exciting launch and they've got others for different hair types, don't think detangling is all the brand does. Tangle Teezer may be its name, but the brand actually has products for all types of hair styling.

Currently, the brand has two different types of brushes for getting the perfect blow out at home. The first is a smoothing tool used to (obviously) smooth the hair while you blow dry and get the perfect sleek and voluminous look. The other is a round brush that creates waves and lift at the roots. As for the cost, they retail between $30-$35 depending on the size.

Then, there are the brand's styling tool. Outside of the blow drying brushes, Tangle Teezer also has tools meant specifically for styling your hair. The first is their Ultimate Finisher which is meant to pull back hair into updos without missing a strand. Then, there's the Backcombing brush which is, well, for backcombing the hair to its greatest volume.

If you've got fine or damaged hair and need a tool that can detangle your tresses without harming them, Tangle Teezer's new Fine & Fragile Brush should definitely make it on to your shopping list. At just $10, what have you got to lose? Definitely not your hair.