Target Holiday Decor Is Available To Purchase Online, If You're Eager To Get Into The Spirit

As a person who gets flack for tweeting about pumpkin spice mania in July, I really should know better than to do this, but I feel it is my civic duty to inform you that you can purchase holiday decor from Target. While Target has by no means made a hard launch of new 2018 products or attempted to market them to human beings — in fact, these products are available on Target's website year-round — I, resident holiday trash of Bustle dot com, was perusing the Target website when Frosty the Snowman body-snatched me and led me down a link hole to find a slew of products that are listed and available to buy right now.

If you're also leaning a little too early into the holiday glow, the good news is, you (kind of!) have science on your side: a study from 1989 in the Journal of Environmental Psychology indicates that people with holiday decorations are perceived as more socially accessible in their neighborhoods, with the study's authors concluding that it may be a good way to make friends with people on your block. But even if you don't have more friends, you will have adorable themed holiday plates, which are sometimes far more useful than friendships anyway.

All this is to say: no judgment, if you end up with half of this in your cart and come home from work next week with the makings of a winter wonderland at your feet. Sometimes you just gotta live your life like the unrepentant Santa stan you are. Here are a few things available at Target right now to get you started.

1. Ice Skating Dogs Rug

Holiday Ice Dogs Indoor/Outdoor Accent Rug


There's so much stress during the holidays that it can get a little ~ruff~ out there for us all, but these puppers will always put a smile on your face.

2. NFL Christmas Tree Skirt

NFL Pegasus Home Fashions Christmas Tree Skirt


It's not just Christmas tree skirts — Target has stockings and ornaments to rep your team, too.

3. Glitter Artificial Christmas Trees

Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree Glitter Oval Set — Champagne


Put a little glam in your holiday decor with these sparkly, yet sophisticated tabletop trees.

4. Purple Ornaments

Purple Assorted Finishes Ball Shatterproof Christmas Ornament (Set Of 20)


Listen, y'all — I have some VERY strong feelings about purple in this year's holiday decor. I don't know what it is, but I can feel it in my purple bones. Needless to say, there are a ton of other ornament sets in lovely colors and sparkles as well, but purple reigns supreme.

5. Merry & Bright Throw Pillow

Throw Pillow Rizzy Home Green Red White


There is a huge array of throw pillows to choose from on Target's website, so make sure that you are making an INFORMED throw pillow decision before you impulse buy this admittedly very cute one.

6. Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

3ft LED Fiber Optic Fireworks Tree Slim with Ball Ornaments


If just because you live in a small space doesn't mean your holiday cheer has to happen in a small way. Pop some color into your life with this pint-sized Christmas tree.

Anyway, I assume Target will drop its 2018 line in a big, official way sometime in the coming weeks — right now it's mostly throw pillows, ornaments, and trees, and there seems to be very little for Hanukkah or New Year's — but for now, here's a little taste to tide you over while we all get our Halloween heebie-jeebies on. Happy decorating!