Target's Halloween Decorations For 2018 Just Dropped & They Are A Spooky Dream


I know that every time someone writes an article about Halloween in the summer a rosé fairy loses its wings, but y'all, this is well worth the sacrifice: Target's Halloween decorations for 2018 just hit its website, and they are every bit as delightfully spooky, adorable, and Instagrammy as you were hoping they'd be. This year, Target has outdone itself, making home decor for both inside and outside with varying degrees of cute and creepy that will suit any witch's specific Halloween vibe. As someone whose vibe is roughly, "I chose this costume because it is basically pajamas, and will be consuming wine alone on my couch most of the night," I can confirm that even the laziest among us will approve.

Granted, you'll probably find yourself catatonic in a Target aisle and waking up with all of this somehow purchased and neatly stored in your trunk sometime between now and October (our bank accounts are mere pawns to Target's whims, after all), but if you want a preview of what you'll be shoveling into your cart this fall, look no further — some of the best of Target's hundreds of offerings are lined up right here. Note that most of these items are still on preorder, but that doesn't mean you can't start emotionally preparing yourself right the heck now.

Here are some of the must-haves from Target's Halloween line this year:

1. Ghost Succulent

Hallow's Eve Ghost Succulent


Be still my haunted heart. I want to adopt this, raise it, cry when it leaves for college, and ask it when I'm getting ghost grandchildren.

2. Wheel Of Fate

Wheel Of Fate


Nothing like a quick dose of existential terror while you're handing out Twix bars at the front door! (11/10 would also incorporate this into a drinking game.)

3. BEWARE Sign

Beware Sign


Yes, this is chic, but it's the vagueness of the command that truly makes it a must-have. Beware, yes, but of what? Your guests will subconsciously be watching over their shoulder all night.

4. Happy Fall Sign

Happy Fall Sign


Sometimes you just have to lean into the fact that fall is cute as heck and live inside of your own Instagram daydreams. Great news: there's a sign for that!

5. Purple Skull

Purple Skull


Skeleton, but make it fashion.

6. Pumpkin String Lights

Pumpkin String Lights


Don't you dare tell me these aren't the cutest string lights you've ever laid eyes on, or I will be forced to call you a liar.

7. Lit Grapevine Pumpkin

Lit Grapevine Pumpkin


The mere two-dimensional image of this alone makes me want to start my own pumpkin patch at the edge of the woods and start an Instagram about it, but that may just be the fairy lights talking.

8. French Bulldog Skeleton

French Bulldog Skeleton


Cute or creepy? While you're trying to decide, you should know that Target makes a Chihuahua version, too.

9. Ouija Board Serving Tray

Ouija Board Serving Tray


I consulted some spirits and they said we definitely needed more cheese at this Halloween party, y'all.

10. Light Up Cat Eyes

Light Up Cat Eyes


Guaranteed to get the neighborhood talking, and ensure that whoever lives directly across from you doesn't get a full night's rest for all of October!

11. Halloween Bird Trio

Halloween Bird Trio


Welp, society, we've peaked. This is maximum cuteness. There is no room for any more cuteness in the world now.

12. Halloween Stemless Wine Glasses

Halloween Stemless Wine Glasses


Arguably the best item to drop with Target's Halloween decor are these wine glasses, which say, "I'm too lazy to go out to a bar tonight, but would like to justify said laziness by still remaining thematically on point." Target: saving you from FOMO since 1962.