Target Just Dropped A TON Of ‘Harry Potter’ Sock Advent Calendars


There is much debate over whether the Harry Potter series qualifies as "Halloween movie" or a "Christmas movie," but one thing is indisputable — you're going to need thematic socks to enjoy it, no matter the time of year. Thankfully, Target's Harry Potter sock advent calendars for 2019 just dropped, helping our feet maximize their nerdery this year. Yes, that's right — calendars, plural. Target saw that you liked those sock advent calendars from last year, so they decided to roll out four different ones for Harry Potter fans to choose from this time around. (Dobby is SHAKING with joy.)

It's worth mentioning that there are, in fact, a total of 20 different sock advent calendars in Target's arsenal this year, which span from Harry Potter to Star Wars to Marvel to Game of Thrones to, delightfully enough, Lilo & Stitch, but none of them have nearly as much representation as the Harry Potter crew does. All four of the Harry Potter variations come with 15 socks and retail for $15 each — and if history is any indication, they're going to sell out fast. Trying to make a decision on which one to get this year may seem overwhelming, so here are all your options, to help narrow it down (unless you want to do what I just did, and recklessly smash "add to cart" so many times that you reach Gilderoy Lockhart levels of "I don't even know who I am anymore").

I tried my best not to put any major advent calendar spoilers in my description, so here's a taste of what you'll get in each one — if you want to see the socks specifically, though, you can click the links and take a peek in there.

The Traditionalist

This model comes equipped with all your favorite standard Hogwarts fare, with a sock for each House, for the school, and for various iconic Harry Potter locations and themes. If you're looking for a little taste of everything on the Harry Potter smorgasbord, this sock advent calendar is your best bet.

The Color Lover

The socks in this set are a little brighter than the previous one — plus, unlike the first one, the patterns on the four socks for the Hogwarts Houses all match. This one's a little bit more linear and focused, with pops of red and yellow. It's Hogwarts, but make it fashion.

The Adventurer

If you're a Harry Potter stan, odds are you already have more than a few socks in your drawer devoted to the Boy Who Lived. In that case, this set is probably for you — instead of the standard sock fare, it has a few unique-looking ones, like a "Muggle Born" sock, a Sorting Hat sock, and even one for Privet Drive.

The Hogwarts Student

This box of socks seems to be entirely Hogwarts-themed, with more than one pair of socks devoted to each House. Its whole vibe is "back to school wardrobe" for wizards and witches. If you're looking for a solid option to match the rest of your Harry Potter merch, this is the way to play it.

Granted, all of these sets are a Harry Potter fan's cozy dream, so you can't really go wrong no matter which one you choose — that is, unless you take too long to hit "add to cart." In years past, these have sold out faster than Skiving Snackboxes on a Hogsmeade weekend.