Target Is Selling Cozy Holiday Houses For Cats

by Mia Mercado
Target's new holiday cat scratchers include a ski chalet and an RV.

Whether your kitten’s been nice all year or falls in the category of “naughty but too cute for you to care,” you’re probably looking for something to gift your pet for the holidays. Or you’re looking for something to keep them from tearing every ornament off your tree. Either way, Target’s new holiday cat houses, featuring festive designs, will give your furry friend something to enjoy. (Read: scratch the crap out of while you quickly hid the wrapping paper.)

Target’s Wondershop, the store’s subsection of festive ware, is already stocked with holiday goods for the upcoming season. This includes, of course, holiday goodies for your pets. This year’s selection includes two new holiday-themed cat scratchers: a ski chalet and a festive RV. Both cat scratchers are made of cardboard, making them lightweight but durable, and are equipped with a scratch pad to keep kitty occupied while you sneakily try to get tinsel on the tree.

The Ski Chalet Cat Scratcher, available online for $16.99, is as adorable as it sounds. The double-decker cat house can comfortably fit a couple cats who have, in my preferred fiction, just come in from a long day of skiing. (Again, in my fiction, while they have four paws, cats ski upright like humans.) “Inside the secluded cabin your cat can peek at the world through the window or stretch her claws on the built-in scratch pad,” the product description reads. There’s a top perch if your little loaf wants to survey her snowy kingdom or the cabin below for them to get snuggled up inside. The house is a little more than one foot by one foot and sits a little lower than two feet high. So, even if the Ski Chalet doesn’t go with your other festive decor, it won’t take up too much space.

Now, let’s get into my personal favorite of the two cat scratchers: the holiday RV. As its name suggests, it is a cat house shaped like an RV. (Where could your cat be traveling? Does it have a driver’s license? Why didn’t it invite you on the road trip???) This house sits a little smaller at 18-inches high in case you’re wanting something that takes up less space. However, it comes fully equipped with the same built-in scratchpad and peek windows for your cat to look out of. The product description says the RV scratcher is ideal to create “a relaxing staycation for your pet.” Because, you know, your cat has been so busy with at its sleeping and snuggling and making biscuits on your stomach that it deserves a vacation.

Last year, Target’s holiday-themed cat scratchers included a Hot Cocoa Café, for the coffee-loving cat, and a Santa’s Toy Shop scratcher, for the cat who wants pretend to be Santa. Those two houses don’t appear to still be available. However, there is a large selection of holiday pet outfits available this year. Is that unrelated? Kind of. Does it soothe the pain of not being able to pretend your cat it a tiny barista? A little.

These new holiday scratching houses come at the heels of their Halloween Haunted House cat scratchers. The double-decker haunted house was a big hit among cats and cat-owners on Instagram. There are nearly 500 reviews of the haunted house, which is structured similarly to the holiday ski chalet, and it’s currently sitting at a five-star rating. Some have dubbed the haunted house “the best purchase you will ever make for your cat!” Others have noted the ease of assembly. No one has mentioned their cat tearing it to shreds too quickly.

So, if you’re looking to get for the cat who has—or shreds—everything, these new houses may be just the thing.

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