Target Just Launched A Unicorn-Themed Ice Cream & It Has GLITTER In It

An entire calendar year has passed since the dawn of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino — long enough that my slight PTSD from watching people walk into traffic to get edgy city backgrounds for their 'grams of them has almost become a distant memory. Since then we have enjoyed a seemingly infinite number of unicorn-themed foods, but a year has done nothing to slow this trend down — as evidenced by the Unicorn Magic ice cream at Target that just hit shelves.

A lot of us are (perhaps a little too) familiar with Market Pantry, a brand of ice cream sold in Target stores. They are, after all, responsible for known game changers like Monster Cookie ice cream, Caramel Waffle Cone ice cream, and — be still my heart — Coco Choco Nut ice cream. (BRB, mopping my drool up from the floor.) And while all of those are undoubtedly delicious and worthy of your late-night Jane The Virgin marathons, the Unicorn Magic is, dare I say, perhaps their most impressive feat to date.

An early image of the ice cream appeared on popular Instagram account @candyhunting, which described the flavor as "a pink fruity base with a sour blue raspberry swirl, a frosting swirl, and glitter candy bits." Since then, the ice cream has also appeared on Target's website, officially confirming its existence to the unicorn-crazed masses; unfortunately, though, it seems that this particular flavor may be about as difficult to find as an actual unicorn. You can't buy it online, and the store locator seems to indicate that it's only available in a select few (for instance, there appear to be exactly zero cartons of it within 100 miles of Manhattan, about which I am extremely salty). But the good news is you can use the locator on the website to find what stores carry it closest to you — and honestly, is there a distance too far to travel for ice cream with glitter in it?

I'm not crying, I just have the majesty of unicorn-themed desserts stuck in my eye.

This is probably a bad time to let you all know that I'm secretly a five-year-old, as evidenced by this quick search of the Target site that yielded this unicorn bowl that I will DEFINITELY be needing for all future Unicorn Magic ice cream consumption, should that glorious event ever come to pass.

It's $1.99! I'm an adult and I make my own choices!! Don't look me in the eyes!!!

Anyway, I'm clearly not alone in continuing to ride the unicorn-themed train all the way down to "don't judge me" town. Last week you may have seen the ginormous "Party Bird Island" floats from Sam's Club, one of which is a mega-sized unicorn that fits up to six people in it. Honestly, that's the kind of beauty that transcends the itch to Instagram (although you better believe I would chance water-logging my phone to make it happen anyway).

Sam's Club

On the, uh, slightly more bizarre end of things is the giant unicorn head currently being sold at Urban Outfitters, which I assume is going to make someone LARP-ing The Last Unicorn very happy when the local parks finally thaw out in spring.

Urban Outfitters

As it is, it seems as though the unicorn trend isn't going away anytime soon — and why should it? The world is stressful enough to live in, and if putting a giant stuffed unicorn bust on your noggin makes it a little easier to cope with, then follow your highly niche bliss. Hopefully with some Unicorn Magic ice cream in your belly, because whether or not you enjoy unicorns, that flavor is goals.