Tarte Is Finally Releasing Face Masks

by Kali Borovic

Tarte has been slowly breaking into skincare territory in the past few years. The brand has created everything from a stick exfoliator to SPF, but with their latest product, they have officially arrived. Tarte Cosmetics' Tight & Bright Multi-Mask that has two vegan formulas in one, so you can combat problems with redness and hydration all at once.

It's not often that a brand combines two products into one. Normally, the only way to multi-mask is by, well, buying multiple masks and applying them to different parts of your face at the same time. Thankfully, Tarte's changing things up with the product that they refer to as the "yin and yang of facial harmony." As the name suggests, you'll be able to tighten pores and combat dullness all at the same time. The secret ingredient to the purple side is the brand's well-known Amazonian Clay, which cleanses the skin, which the gold side contains hyaluronic to sooth redness and help with texture.

The Tight & Bright Multi-Mask will be available on June 6 on the Tarte website. You'll also be able to pick it up in-stores at Ulta on June 26 and at Sephora on July 14. Of course, as all Tarte products are, the mask is made without parabens, mineral oil, or gluten, and is vegan.

Courtesy Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Tight & Bright Multi-Mask, $40, Sephora

If all that wasn't already enough, you'll be happy to know that the price of this multi-tasking mask is only $40. When you break it down, that's $20 a mask, which is pretty darn affordable. IMO, it's a small price to pay for being able to fix double the skin issues with one purchase.

Not to mention that the packaging is absolutely stunning. The top of it has a purple geode-esque pattern that twists off and shows the double-sided container. Like I said before, one of the masks is purple while the other is gold, so you'll never mix up the two. It also gets bonus points for looking pretty on your face too.

In my opinion, Tarte has been on a roll with their skincare items. Their new Ready, Set, Radiate Face Spray is incredible as a hydrating and setting spray, so fingers cross that the mask is just as great. There's not too much longer to wait to find out!