This Primer Is So Good It Literally Won't Stop Selling Out

Courtesy of Tatcha

Everyone once in a while there's a product that takes off so well that stores and brands just can't keep it in stock. From GlowRecipe's Watermelon Sleeping Mask to all shades of Fenty Beauty's foundation, some products just work. Now, you can add Tatcha's Silk Canvas primer to the list because Sephora just can't seem to keep this luxury complexion product in stock, and based on some of the YouTube reviews, that makes total sense.

What exactly is the Silk Canvas primer, and why does it keep selling out? Well, the first reason could be its innovative design. Unlike traditional cream or spray primers, the Silk Canvas is actually a balm that you apply in a "rice sized amount" to your face. The product claims to be for all skin types, from dry to sensitive, making it a perfect choice for, well, everyone.

As for what it's meant to do, the product description on the Sephora website says that the primer will smooth your skin and help makeup wear longer while preventing clogged pores. Sounds kind of great, right? Perhaps that's why Sephora has sold over 30,000 of the Silk Canvas. Given that the product retails for a whopping $52, that's quite impressive.

Courtesy of Tatcha

The popularity of the Silk Canvas isn't just limited to the amount of stock Sephora has sold, though. Oh no, this luxury primer is doing more than flying off shelves. It's currently the top primer on the brand's website despite a total sell-out, and perhaps because of its predicted popularity, the product was offered on pre-sale during the February VIB Rouge sale, and guess what? It totally sold out then as well. If you're thinking it's just Sephora? Think again. The Silk Canvas was also featured on QVC for $47.27 and sold out during its feature and has sold out on the Tatcha website, too.

Yes, the hype is real.

Courtesy of Tatcha

Fans are vocal on Twitter about their love of the product, so it's not just a numbers game.

Despite its price tag, people are still recommending it.

Thanks to the new product, people are saying goodbye to their pores.

Clearly, fans are taking their favorite YouTubers' reviews to heart and snagging the allegedly miraculous product.

Courtesy of Tatcha

This isn't the first time that Tatcha has topped the Sephora charts, though. Have you ever heard of a product called The Water Cream? The ultra-popular product is actually a Tatcha creation, and back in May 2017, it was Sephora's top selling moisturizer. Even now, if you heard to Sephora's moisturizer section, you'll see that while La Mer tops the list (with it's rather excessive price point), the Tatcha Water Cream is still listed in the top five products.

The Water Cream and Silk Canvas are not the only top selling products Tatcha has, though. There's yet another incredibly popular product you've probably heard of. If you're a fan of beauty guru Jaclyn Hill, you already know that the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is a must-have product if you crave a glow. Like the Silk Canvas, though, this baby does come with a hefty price tag. It rings in at $48 for a standard size bottle.

Like the Water Cream, though, it's ranked high on Sephora's bestselling list. If you're looking at setting sprays and sort them by best sellers, it appears to occupy the number 5 spot.

Clearly, the brand is doing something right, and the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer is just another in a long list of ultra-popular products. If you want to shop it, head to Sephora now and sign up for e-mail notifications. You'll be the first to know when it's back in stock. Until then, Tatcha's got plenty more for you to peruse.