Tati Beauty's New Product May Not Be What You Expected

Tati Beauty's new product launches Jan. 10.
Tati Westbrook/Instagram

While there may have been a false alarm during Black Friday, the new Tati Beauty product is officially on its way. The latest launch from YouTuber Tati Westbrook is slated to launch on Jan. 10, and it may not be what you expected. Tati Beauty's Blendiful tool is a departure from the brand's initial eyeshadow palette launch, but according to Westbrook, it's the product that everyone can get the most use from.

In December, Westbrook announced the Jan. 10 launch date of her new product, but she didn't give any details on what it was. Fans only had a brief tease from an Entertainment Tonight video where Westbrook said of the product, "This one is like a game-changer. This one is going to be the thing that is so different, changes it all, and really helps everybody's beauty routine." With the reveal, it's now clear why the product is so universally usable.

The new Tati Beauty Blendiful is a makeup blender — not actual makeup. The tool is multi-use according to Westbrook and features a design similar to a velour puff but shaped specifically like a teardrop so users can reach small parts of the face. Like a puff, it's able to be bend and fold to create spaces for multiple different types of products like highlighter, concealer, and setting powder. Westbrook even explains in her launch video that she's done her entire face using the tool.

The Blendiful, however, doesn't just come with one tool. The product comes in two different versions. The first is the larger, teardrop-shaped puff, and the second is a small, travel-friendly Blendiful meant for touch-ups. Westbrook explains that it's a bit more firm but features a similar curved shape and bendable design to the larger tool, and it allows you to touch up your makeup while you're on to the go.

While there are technically two new products, the Tati Beauty Blendifuls will be launching together. You'll only need to make a single purchase. Every Blendiful order will come with both the full size and travel size versions, and the cost is just $18 (yes, for both).

The new Tati Beauty product wasn't the only news from the guru and her brand. For those who weren't able to purchase the Textured Neutrals Palette, they will be returning on Jan. 10 when the Blendiful launches.

Whether you love Westbrook or just want to try a new take on a beauty tool, Tati Beauty's Blendiful is coming at you.