Tati Westbrook Is Coming Out With A Cosmetics Line & Fans Can't Deal

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans of YouTube beauty gurus have been anticipating brands from major stars like Jaclyn Hill and MannyMUA for some time now, but one guru has snuck up on fans. A Tati Westbrook beauty line coming, and it seems like fans of YouTube's GlamLifeGuru won't have to wait long to see what the influencer has been working on.

In a video posted on Wednesday, Westbrook showcased her ride or die makeup brushes, and while the post seemed totally innocuous and right on schedule with her five day a week posts, there was a bit more to the video than met the eye.

In the description box, Westbrook wrote, "BIG BIG BIG Announcement coming soon, Stay Tuned!" The beauty guru didn't go into details in the video or the description box, but thanks to the beauty of her fans, Westbrook did drop a few details.

A fan commented on the video with hopes that Westbrook's big announcement would be her makeup line which she says was "supposed to come in January." Westbrook took noticed and replied, "Launch details for my brand are coming very very very soon! 😉 xo's ~ Tati," and then later gave further information writing, "Way way sooner than a month ... we're now just days away. 😎xo's ~ Tati."

Not only did Westbrook confirm that her makeup line is coming, but she dropped the major hint that the announcement is only days away! Talk about a total win for fans of the guru. Given that Westbrook uploads five days per week on weekdays, there's a good chance that the announcement could happen before the end of this week or the week of Feb. 27.

As for what Westbrook could be dropping? There's no way to know. Westbrook is a lover of all makeup. From mascaras to foundations and even to poop highlighters, Westbrook will try anything, and if she loves it, she's quick to tell her subscribers. With such a love of all things beauty, it's hard to nail down exactly would could be coming from a cosmetics line from Westbrook.

Popular beauty Instagram account TrendMood was quick to pick Westbrook's sly clues about her upcoming makeup line, and followers of the account were equally as quick to rejoice at the news of its impending arrival.

Some beauty lovers appear to be a bit tired of YouTuber makeup brands (gurus like MannyMUA, Laura Lee, and Christen Dominique have all recently launched or announced lines). However, Westbrook appears to be an exception.

For some, it was a moment for as many emojis as they could manage in an Instagram comment.

Others have high hopes for the guru's brand given that Westbrook appears to be many viewers' favorite YouTuber.

Given Westbrook's propensity for in-depth reviews, check-ins, and honesty, her fans seem to think that this may be the guru brand to end all guru brands.

Unlike those who are tried of guru lines, some are stoked and calling 2018 the "year of beauty vlogger brands," and even though it's only February, it certainly seems like they could be right.

While makeup would probably be the most likely choice for Westbrook, some of her fans seem to have their fingers crossed that the line is more skincare based.

The truth is that no matter what comes of Tati Westbrook cosmetics (or skincare), her fans will support her. As viewers have seen before, guru loyalty is high. Just look at the sales of Jaclyn Hill's collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics as proof that a vlogger's goods make cash.

While these YouTubers rarely seem to consider making money as a deciding factor in crafting their lines, it won't hurt, right?

Editor's Note: This story was updated March 1 to reflect newly released information about Tati Westbrook's beauty collection.