Taylor Swift Fans Are Having The BEST Reactions To Seeing Themselves In The Netflix Doc

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought that the countdown to midnight was reserved for January first, you're probably not a Taylor Swift fan, because at 12:01 AM PST on Dec. 31, the "Shake it Off" singer's documentary, Reputation Stadium Tour, arrived on Netflix to make everyone's 2018 end with a bang. For Swifties, not only did the Netflix documentary chronicling the singer's final concert from her Reputation tour give them a chance to see their favorite singer up-close and personal, but Taylor Swift's fans on Twitter have been finding themselves in the crowd in the Netflix doc.

It's pretty awesome to see all of Swift's fans freak out over seeing themselves on Netflix after having attended the Oct. 6, 2018 concert which the Reputation doc features. Many of the pictures show Swifties singing along to Swift's performances in the crowd, and some of them even show fans crying. Twitter user @whiteroseee_ posted a photo of the Netflix doc that shows herself in the crowd, captioning it, "I MADE IT GUYS OMG IM LITERALT CRYING IN THE SHOT WITH MY BESTIE."

Since such a big part of the Netflix concert doc was Swift's connection to her fans, it was only right that it would feature the audience members passionately singing and enjoying the music right along with Swift. And seeing fans' reactions on Twitter might just give you a new appreciation for the fandom that makes up Taylor's Swifties.

Swift herself shared her excitement for the Netflix doc to debut on Instagram during the weeks leading up to Dec. 31. When the "Delicate" singer posted the trailer for Reputation Stadium Tour on Instagram, she wrote, "I'm really excited that we will have this memento of the memories we all made together this year." Then, on Dec. 29, Swift posted a video on Instagram from the documentary of a clip of her singing "All Too Well." Swift captioned the video, "'All Too Well' was never a single, and it always blows my mind that it is consistently one of the loudest songs the crowd sings when I play it. Moments like this defined the Reputation Stadium Tour for me."

The clip of Swift singing the song from the 2012 album, Red, with her fans proves that the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer has a special bond with her fans that's lasted many years. In one picture on Twitter, posted by @Repucarson, they captioned the photo of themselves from the audience in the Netflix doc, "What an amazing way to celebrate so many shows together!!" For the fans finding themselves in the crowd on the Netflix doc, it's probably a highlight in their longtime fandom — some fans have likely been going to see Swift perform throughout her entire decade-long career.

In addition to the sightings of real-life fans in the audience, Netflix's Reputation Stadium Tour includes appearances by Charli XCX, Camila Cabello, and Tiffany Haddish, and of course you can expect to see plenty of great footage of Swift herself. No matter how your 2018 went, if you're a Swift fan, you can probably agree that the new Netflix documentary provides a delightful ending — especially if you spot yourself in the crowd.