Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Track List Has Made Fans Curious About One Song In Particular

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Her album hasn't even been released yet, but somehow one of the most-talked-about stars out there is already making waves. Taylor Swift's Reputation track list dropped on Tuesday, and there are some song titles in the mix that have fans pretty curious. We were already aware of the song "Look What You Made Me Do," which the 27-year-old released as a single. But the addition of tracks like "I Did Something Bad," "Don't Blame Me," and "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" have raised more questions than answers.

Because without hearing the full tracks, there are a lot of missing details. For one, whose perspective is "I Did Something Bad" written from? The most likely answer is Taylor Swift herself, but it's equally possible that she wrote it in the voice of someone else; perhaps even someone who wronged the Reputation singer herself. And if Track 3 is indeed in Swift's own words, written about her own experience, then what sort of scale are we talking about? The word "bad" could be applied to a lot of things.

So are we talking "stabbing your birthday cake and taking a golf club to your headlights" bad, like we saw Swift do in the video for "Blank Space"? Or might this refer less to a physical act and more an emotional act? Maybe the singer has done some thinking about her problematic relationship with feminism and is singing about that. Or perhaps we're finally going to get the other side of the story in all the breakups that the 27-year old has sung about in the past.

The options are quite literally endless. And answers aren't exactly forthcoming from the young artist — nor should we expect them to be — because this release hasn't quite gone to plan. Presumably, Swift was planning on keeping the track list a secret until the album drop on Nov. 10, but a leak may have forced her hand. Diehard fans encouraged each other not to look at the leaked track list, out of solidarity with their idol. Their reasoning being, of course, that if she had wanted her listeners to have the Reputation tracks in advance, she would have released them herself. However, the moment that Swift posted the official version to her Instagram, it was game on.

And fans and critics alike have been battling back and forth about whether the controversial artist is to blame for the "bad" things she's referencing. But Swift hasn't given us any further information about her track titles, and is unlikely to do so before Friday. However, that doesn't mean that the internet isn't going wild with speculation. Because, hey, that's sort of what we do best.

There are the goods — but what does it all mean?

1. Okay, But What?

Should Taylor Swift apologists be apologizing for their apologies??

2. Some People Are Kinda Worried

Maybe this is Swift taking some responsibility for her actions?

3. And Others Have Some Great Theories

Or maybe this parody account is right, and Swift had an embarrassing moment at an ex's house.

4. Well, Duh

Answer: no, you're not the only one.

5. Let's All Calm Down

Or maybe this isn't even that big of a deal, since we've seen these types of lyrics from the singer before.

6. The Excitement Is Real

Regardless, it's a very exciting time to be alive, when some of us are learning that Swift might not be perfect.

It turns out that she's a human being, and just like the rest of us, she's probably done her fair share of things that could be labeled "bad." So even though we won't know what exactly we're working with until Reputation's release, a little self-awareness never hurt anybody. Taking responsibility for your actions is a brave thing to do, so here's hoping it's a positive development for our girl Taylor Swift.