Taylor Swift's Video For Russell Westbrook Could Actually Mean New Music

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She may have made a lot of headlines in 2016 with her relationship with Tom Hiddleston and all that Kanye West drama, but this year, Taylor Swift has been living under the radar. And now, all of that might be about to change. Late Monday night, Taylor Swift's congratulatory video for Russell Westbrook hit the internet, and fans all over Twitter are totally convinced that this video is a sign that new music is finally on its way. The theory might be a stretch, but knowing Swift, it could definitely make sense.

In the video, Swift is sporting a fresh face and curls as she offers up her congratulations to Westbrook, who was named the NBA's MVP this year and who happens to be a longtime fan of hers. She reminisces about how she taught Westbrook how to play basketball, and he inspired the song "Shake It Off" — both of which are lies, but it makes for a really adorable story. It was a really nice thing to do, considering they've never met, and there's a good chance it made Westbrook's victory that much sweeter.

It's a super cute video, whether you choose to read between the lines or not. And being that Swift has largely been off the map lately, it's good to see her again.

But there is a chance this video is more than just a tribute to Westbrook — it might be a hint that leads to a new album from Swift later this year. According to her usual pattern, her sixth album was due last fall, but it didn't end up happening. And after her pal Ed Sheeran admitted Swift is recording and has possible plans to drop that album later this year, it's pretty obvious that one is in the works.

This theory only becomes more complete when you consider the evidence presented in this video, and it all comes down to one thing: Her style, as fans are pointing out.

These fans are making a good point: Swift's hair has always been an indicator that a new era of her music is on the way. When she started straightening it and got long straight across bangs, Red happened, and right before 1989, she chopped it all off. Now, a more natural, curly look is back, so obviously, it must signal the fact that the #TS6 era is about to begin... and since she tends to release the first single off of her albums around the month of August, this hairstyle is right on time.

Of course, the only sign that definitively means new music is on the way is when Swift herself says, "hey, there's new music on the way" and releases a signal. But until then? This is all fans have to cling to until the Queen decides to make things official. And even if her hairstyle is just a hairstyle, she still looks really cute.