Twitter Is Losing It Over The Crotch On Team USA's Speed Skating Uniforms

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There are a lot of trendy and creative uniforms at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, but this is not one of them. Twitter is infatuated with the Team USA Olympic Speedskating uniforms, and not for the reason you probably think. The design has a white circle on the crotch that is strategically placed on the crotch of the suit. They might be there for a good reason, but that won't stop you from laughing.

Before we start, yes, the Team USA speedskating uniforms look like this on purpose. No, it was not designed to make you giggle.

Under Armour has had a rough go at designing the athletes speedskating uniforms, and now fashion-lovers are piping in with criticism as well. The uniforms are simple and to the point. They're all navy blue, skin tight, and have a white crotch region.

While the athletes are skating, you can barely tell that the section is there. But when the athletes stand up, well, it looks like they have a vagina on the outside of the uniforms.

With no other design on the uniforms, all eyes go straight to the patch. Honestly, it's hard to not look at it once you've seen it. Here's what it looks like for reference.

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It turns out that the little patch is actually an intricate part of the speedskating uniform design. The white part on the crotch of the design is made up of different material than the rest of the suit. According to a Twitter diagram, it's a slippery material that prevents friction, thus making the athletes skate faster. Of course, it also leaves for a hilarious design to those who know nothing about the sport.

"The material is specially designed to reduce friction. Going to two panels instead of one - what most countries use - reduced friction by 60 percent," Under Armour tells Bustle. "In a sport where comfort, aerodynamics and a psychological edge are essential, this application is quite significant and more important than worrying about the aesthetic. The skaters love the complete look and performance of the new skins."

This is the second year that Under Armour designed the outfit. According to the Washington Post, people blamed the brand's speedskating uniform design for Team USA not winning gold in 2014. The publication says that the fabric was too heavy and was given to the athletes last minute. Despite the controversy, the team still recruited the brand for this year's looks.

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Regardless of the reason why these patches were places this way, Twitter can't stop looking at it. According to tweets, people were just as confused back in 2014 as they are this year. The overall consensus is that this was a mistake made by the designer.

Forget everything about rationalizing situations, because these reactions will make you laugh out loud throughout the entire Olympics.

The puns are honestly too good. Someone with a cheeky sense of humor must have designed these speedskating suits.

Or maybe it was a CROTCH-ety old man. Guys, I'm dying.

I'm not sure that aliens actually exist. But if they do, this is exactly what their vaginas look like.

Okay, it's even funnier when they're all standing together. I guess at least you'll know who Team USA is in the sea of blue uniforms.

I know the event hasn't technically started yet, but people already have some important questions. Maybe this is the real reason that people were mad at Under Armous last year.

Okay, so I get that the design is good for speed, but why in the world does there need to be a blue hole in the middle of the white on top of it? Thew orld may never know.

"Target on the cornhole" is officially my favorite slogan from the Olympics so far.

No matter what the reason is, it's there and that's all that matters.

I guess we'll all just have to wait and see if this little white crotch-piece helps Team USA or not.

Update: this article has been updated to include a quote about the speedskating design from Under Armour.