Teen Influencers Address A Major Social Issue

A group of social influencers just released a new video featuring John Mayer's song "Changing" in an effort to address the discussion surrounding the Trump Administration's rollback of bathroom protections from trans students. The teenagers, many of whom share a large following on social media platforms like Musical.ly, YouTube, and Instagram, came up with the idea to film a music video touching on the subjects of personhood and identity, and ultimately decided to channel their focus on the issue of transgender bathroom rights.

Mayer agreed to the usage of the tune from his soon to be released seventh studio album, The Search For Everything, which includes some pretty thought-provoking lyrics:

Friends behind their fences
Looking at me strange
Wondering when I’m gonna come to my senses
But I'm still changing
And I can’t change my ways

The video's cast includes 17-year-old Kristen Hancher, one of Musical.ly’s most-followed "musers," who boasts over 13 million fans on the wildly-popular video sharing app, and transgender student, Raegan Beast, who also has accumulated millions of followers on social media. The video was produced by Brat, a new media company working with digital creators.

Visually, the music video shares a glimpse into the all too familiar awkwardness that accompanies coming-of-age in what can be a less than accepting society.

Mayer's involvement in this project is commendable, but of course, it was these brave kids who did most of the work. And I have my fingers crossed that other celebrities and activists of all ages will join in the fight for civil equality for all.