Tiffany Trump Probably Didn't Post This Meme, But Still

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you spent any time perusing social media on Easter Sunday, there's a chance you might have seen a pretty peculiar image floating around: a drawing of Jesus Christ, savior and redeemer of the Christian faith, embracing President Donald Trump. Specifically, you probably saw the Jesus-Trump picture on the Facebook account of "Tiffany Trump," ostensibly the president's younger daughter. However, as BuzzFeed News aptly noted on Monday, you should probably slow your roll ― the Facebook account in question is unverified, and there's no evidence that it was actually Tiffany who posted the attention-grabbing picture.

That doesn't make the image itself any less strange or fascinating, however. It shows a slightly ethereal Jesus grasping Trump in the Oval Office and towering over the president by what looks like at least a half foot or so. Whenever it was actually created, it wasn't specifically done so for Easter ― there are multiple examples of it appearing on message boards, as well as on Imgur, in months prior.

In case the message behind the image wasn't clear enough, the post on the Tiffany Trump Facebook page included a caption, praying that President Trump would be protected from "the fiery darts of the enemy." To say it sounded dramatic is a bit of an understatement.

Dear Lord, I pray in the Mighty name of Jesus, that you would give Donald J Trump wisdom and that you would protect him and fill him with Your Spirit and help him to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy.

Needless to say, there are any number of ways you might react to this, whether you're a believer in Jesus, and whether you think it's from the real Tiffany Trump. And again, considering the page is unverified, has a relatively low follower count, and hasn't shared anything that wasn't already available elsewhere on the internet, a huge amount of skepticism is warranted.

On the one hand, a devout believer could view it as a genuine and worthwhile image, a paean to the Christian concepts of grace and forgiveness. As BuzzFeed News noted, the image has also appeared on religious internet forums, meaning it was probably not created as a parody so much as something earnest.

On the other hand, though, a Christian could easily come away bothered by its somewhat tacky and inflammatory nature ― Trump is a polarizing enough figure that an image of him embracing a religious icon worshipped and beloved by hundreds of millions around the world is bound to be controversial. Especially considering some of the policies Trump's been advancing, which haven't exactly met the definition of Christ-like.