The 10 Best Eye Primers For Oily Lids

by Emily Estep

If you can relate to the frustration of painstakingly perfecting your winged eyeliner only for it to end up smudged somewhere near your eyebrow, then you are reading the right article. The best eye primers for oily lids can keep your liner intact, your shadow smooth, and ensure your look actually lasts past noon.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, these eye primers are not just re-packaged versions of your standard face primer. They are specially formulated to conquer issues exclusive to eyelids. For instance, since your eyeshadow has to stand up to more wear-and-tear (i.e. incessant albeit necessary blinking), these formulas are often designed to be thicker in order to keep liner crisp and prevent shadow from creasing. Some eye primers can even help enhance color or add a shimmery finish to your eyeshadow. And, of course, like face primers for oily skin, these formulas are packed with mattifying ingredients like silica to sop up excess sebum and ensure your eye makeup doesn’t slide down your face over the course of the day.

Whether you have naturally oily eye lids or you're looking to sweat-proof your makeup, consider these 10 eye primers for oily lids insurance policies for your eyeshadow.


This Cruelty-Free Eye Primer With A Cult-Following On Amazon

Thank Me Later Eyeshadow Primer, $15, Amazon

As if being cruelty-free, and affordable wasn't enough, this eyeshadow primer by Elizabeth Mott is the highest-rated eye primer on Amazon. The PETA-approved formula dries clear and is lightweight, long-lasting, and waterproof.


This High-End Eye Primer Created By A Celebrity Makeup Artist

LORAC Behind The Scenes Eyeshadow Primer, $24, Amazon

Created by celebrity makeup artist carol Shaw, LORAC's eyeshadow primer is designed to be gentle, lightweight, and long-lasting. It also does double-duty as a concealer to create an even base on your lids for shadow-light looks.


This Eyeshadow Primer That Makes Pigments Pop

NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base, $6, Amazon

This pearl eyeshadow base from NYX is a Holy Grail beauty product for good reason: It's cheap, it's long-lasting, and it's super pigmented. It's unique thick, iridescent white formula is a game changer for making pigments pop and maximizing the affects of shimmery shadows. If you're an eyeshadow junkie — this primer is a must.


This Quick-Drying Formula With Light Reflecting Properties

theBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer, $18, Amazon

This quick drying formula features skin-smoothing ingredients and light-reflective properties to give you a brighter, bolder, and longer-lasting look. And nearly 100 enthusiastic Amazon reviewers back that claim with one verified buyer leaving this promising comment: "I had tried several other eyelid primers and all of them caused a reaction. Except this one ... This primer works well for keeping eyeshadow in place, even on muggy days."


This Color-Enhancing Formula Enriched With Chamomile & Vitamin E

Prestige Cosmetics Primed and Ready Eye Primer, $10, Amazon

This eye primer not only touts a long-lasting, color-enhancing formula but it's also enriched with skin-soothing ingredients like chamomile and vitamin E. And according to one hyper-enthusiastic Amazon reviewer: "This stuff is freaking magic."


This Luxury Eye Primer With An Extra Thick Formula

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer, $23, Amazon

This advanced eye primer from the legendary Elizabeth Arden line creates an invisible shield between your eyelids and makeup. It's a thicker formula — all the better for locking in eye makeup — and tinted for light concealing effect.


This Eye Primer That Comes In An Easy To Apply Stick

bliss Please Don't Go Eyeshadow Primer, $20, Amazon

This universal eye primer comes in a stick format, which easily glides on with no brush, sponge, etc. required. It boasts a subtle tint that offers lightweight coverage for all skin tones and is infused with antioxidants from rice bran oil and cornflower extract to condition the eye area.


This Lightweight Eye Primer That's Super Affordable

Milani Eyeshadow Primer, $6, Amazon

This eyeshadow primer is getting rave reviews on Amazon with nearly 200 verified buyers putting their stamp of approval on it. And ringing up at only six bucks, it's a small investment for a relatively high return potential since you'll be applying less shadow through out the course of the day.


This Skin-Nourishing Eye Primer That Doubles As A Concealer

blinc Eyeshadow Primer, $24, Amazon

This primer/concealer hybrid comes in two shades, is loaded with skin nourishing ingredients, and seamlessly fills fine lines for a smooth canvas that prevents creasing.


This Antioxidant-Rich Eye Primer With Chamomile & Safflower Extract

Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Eyeshadow Primer, $19, Amazon

This creamy, paraben-free eye primer is infused with chamomile and safflower extract to soothe irritated, oily lids. It's an excellent option if you wear eyeshadow on a daily basis and your lids could use a nourishing formula to keep irritation to a minimum.

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