10 Neck Massagers That Relieve Pain & Help You Unwind

People these days deal with a lot of neck strain. For starters, we're constantly hunched over at computers and steering wheels. And if that wasn't enough, we keep our heads perpetually down due to never-ending political embarrassment. Because of these things (and many more), we need the best neck massagers the internet has to offer.

Sure, you could spend a good portion of your paycheck on masseuses and chiropractors (and if you have an actual neck injury, you should), but for those of us just looking to unwind after a rough day, you've got other options. I know this totally sounds like an infomercial, but seriously, buying an at-home neck massager is a solid investment — and it's there waiting for you every day when you get home from work. Nothing improves a Netflix binge-watching session quite like shiatsu nodes easing away all that tension.

Don't just take my word for it, though. These convenient gadgets have people all over the internet raving about how relaxing and therapeutic they are. Whether they plug into your cigarette lighter for some added comfort on the commute, or they're rechargeable and mobile so you're not confined to the five-foot radius around an outlet, you'll find endless ways to work these into your daily routine.


A Massager With Eight Rotating Nodes, Heat, & A Comfortable Design

New Five Star Neck Massager, $45, Amazon

The New Five Star Neck Massager has a ton of great features, like eight kneading massagers, soothing heat, and two massage directions. The best part, though, is that it slips over your wrists and uses the leverage from your arms to keep it in place against your neck. It also comes with a car and wall adapter, and even though you can use it anywhere on the body, people specifically say, "This is going to change my chronic neck pain!"


A Portable Tool Designed To Mimic A Massage Therapist's Hands

Gideon Neck Massage Tool, $13, Amazon

Because it doesn't need a power source, this neck massage tool is extra convenient and portable. It has four comfortable yet firm silicone knobs that are designed to mimic a massage therapist's hands for targeted pain relief, and people say it's "perfect for the tension in my neck. The flexibility allows me to reach all my trouble spots."


A Brilliant Pillow You Can Attach To Your Desk Chair Or Driver's Seat

Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager, $40, Amazon

Yeah, this Shiatsu pillow massager has soothing heat and powerful 3D rotating nodes that change direction, but it's also got a convenient strap that keeps it in place while you're sitting. That means you get a therapeutic neck massage while you're driving or answering e-mails — and people say it "makes you feel so much better."


This Strange Electric Massager That People Say Actually Works

eTTgrar Wireless Electric Neck Massager, $50, Amazon

This wireless neck massager eases neck pain and headaches with a genius combination of massage, electronic vibration, far infrared heating, and magnetic field therapy. It clips right on, is operated using an LCD screen, and reviewers say, "It is very effective, very versatile and easy to use."


A Small & Portable Massage Pillow That Packs A Punch

1byone Shiatsu Massage Pillow, $30, Amazon

"I have tried stretching and professional massage for my neck soreness," says one reviewer, but this 1byone Shiatsu massage pillow is an awesome alternative." Not only does it produce soothing infrared heat, but it's got four deep-kneading rotating nodes (two on each side) that work wonders on all that neck strain. It's also got a wall and a car adapter so you can take it on the road.


A Tool With Four Vibration Modes & Interchangeable Heads

Ohuhu Percussion Handheld Deep Tissue Massager, $25, Amazon

This handheld deep tissue massager uses its four interchangeable heads and four vibration modes to release trigger points, increase blood flow, and relax muscles. It's great for the neck or shoulders because of its lightweight design and long handle, and one reviewer says, "it has helped especially my shoulders and back of neck where I carry my stress."


A Rechargeable Massager That Lasts Up To Two Hours Without A Cord

Naipo Rechargeable Neck Massager, $70, Amazon

With its powerful lithium ion battery, this rechargeable neck massager works for up to two hours without a cord. That means you can take its heated deep-kneading Shiatsu nodes anywhere with you. It's also got long shoulder straps, a unique velcro design, and hand holders to keep it in place.


A Massage Block That Helps Relieve Pressure At The Base Of Your Neck

Twin Block Pro Massage Block, $45, Amazon

Even though it doesn't have any batteries, plugs, or moving parts, this massage block effectively releases pain and pressure in the back of the neck. Reviewers say it works wonders as far as relieving strain and headaches, and all you need to do is lie on your back and position this at the base of your skull: "This little tool packs a punch! Perfect for the trigger points in the back of my head and neck."


A Travel Pillow That Actually Vibrates

Etronic Ultra Comfort Massage Travel Neck Pillow, $17, Amazon

This travel massage pillow hugs your neck, keeps your head up, and has six vibrational modes for extreme comfort. It's also got a patented elastic strap so you can attach it to your head rest, and it runs on batteries, so there are no wires.


This Unique Manual Tool With Adjustable Pressure Point Balls

Body Back Company’s AccuMassage Trigger Point Tool, $25, Amazon

Effortlessly release tension around the neck with Body Back Company’s massage tool. It's got soft but dense adjustable massage balls to stimulate trigger points, work out knots, and reach all areas of the neck by yourself. "After a neck surgery, I have been in almost constant pain," says one reviewer. "I can never seem to get anyone to find just the right spot or pressure for pain relief. Now, I can easily do it all myself!"

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