The 10 Best Summer Blankets To Keep You Cool All Night


It may seem like a contradiction at first: who needs a blanket when the temperature outside is a balmy 78 degrees? But blankets can be season specific and the best summer blankets to keep you cool all night are a just cozy enough to help lull you to sleep without making you sweat.

A lot of us associate blankets with comfort, warmth, and rest. I can remember one of the only downsides of the summer when I was a kid — my mom stripping off the heaviest top layer of my bedding and storing it in my closet until the first cool autumn night. Makes sense, of course, but sleeping under sheets just isn’t the same. Sheets don’t have the same snuggle-factor a blanket does, and they don’t allow for the possibility that, at some point during the night, you might get a wee bit chilly and need more.

And that’s where summer blankets come in. The best ones are made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials like cotton, bamboo, and linen. And not only will these blankets not make you sweat, their heat-regulating properties can even help cool you down. So without further ado, here are 10 amazing summer blankets to consider on a warm summer night.

1A Flax Linen Blanket That Absorbs Moisture

Sofia's Linen 100% Pure Flax Linen Blanket, $99, Amazon

This soft and natural 100 percent pure flax linen throw blanket has two major super powers: it can absorb moisture and sweat, which leaves your skin feeling cooler, and is thermo-regulating — it'll warm you up in the winter and cool you down in the summer. It's quality double-sided weave will ensure it lasts a long time.

2A Breathable Thermal Cotton Throw Blanket

Utopia Bedding Cotton Throw Blankets, $26, Amazon

This breathable thermal throw blanket is made from 100 percent ring spun cotton and has zero chemicals or synthetic materials — so you can feel good about leaving one on the couch, another one on the bed, and a third one on the patio (because you never know where you'll need a summer throw blanket).

3A Hypoallergenic Down Blanket For Your Bed

Downlite Down Blanket, $110, Amazon

A hypoallergenic down comforter that has sewn-through construction means the down filling won't shift around as you move. It's lightweight and, when used without an added blanket, provides the perfect amount of warmth during the summer.

4This 100 Percent Egyptian Cotton Blanket For All Seasons

Lavish Home Chevron 100% Egyptian Cotton Blanket, $28, Amazon

Aside from the fact that they boast a cute chevron pattern and come in seven shades, these 100 percent Egyptian cotton blankets are perfect for all seasons. They're lightweight, breathable, and oversized so that no amount of shrinking will make them anything less than the perfect fit.

5An All-Season Down Comforter In Bright & Bold Colors

Superior Classic All-Season Down Comforter, $34, Amazon

Made with 100 percent polyester microfiber, this all-season down comforter is perfect for summer snoozing and comes in 12 fun shades like dusty orange (shown here), coral, and turquoise. The sewn-through baffle box construction (with double needle stitching) ensures the filling stays evenly distributed.

6A True 'Summer Comforter' Made From Moisture-Absorbing Cotton & Silk

Ibestuff Summer Comforter, $70, Amazon

Make the switch to this summer comforter when temps rise and you'll be rewarded: it's made with 100 percent cotton and mulberry silk, absorbs moisture and sweat, and even prevents static electricity. It's machine washable and reviewers who say most blankets leave them overheated rave about how this truly is a summer comforter that does what it says.

7Natural Bamboo Fiber Throw Blankets With A Fringe Design

Marcini Bamboo Fiber Cotton Throw Blanket, $40, Amazon

Natural bamboo fiber is one of the lightest and most breathable materials on the planet, making this soft bamboo throw blanket ideal for summertime lounging. It's made from 80 percent rayon from bamboo and 20 percent cotton, comes in 10 shades, and features an attractive tone-on-tone design with fringe on both ends.

8A Light Cotton Blanket With A Woven Basket Weave Pattern

Superior 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket, $35, Amazon

This 100 percent cotton thermal throw blanket looks deceptively simple: it's lightweight, breathable, and far more affordable than a lot of comforters and quilts. But the woven basket weave pattern design also makes it sleek, modern, and super pretty — you won't mind leaving one or two on your couch.

9A Bacteria-Resistant Mulberry Silk Blanket For Cooler Nights

Moon's Sleepwares Mulberry Silk Blanket, $90-$140, Amazon

This luxurious blanket looks and feels fancy pants — it's made out of mulberry silk, after all. But it's also functional and perfect for the summer, thanks to its breathable, bacteria-resistant, hypoallergenic, and anti-mite fibers. Both the filling and the casing are made from 100 percent mulberry silk, and it's available in every size from twin to king.

10A Light Plush Blanket For Sweaty Sleepers

Intelligent Design Microlight Plush Oversized Blanket, $29, Amazon

Most of us either know one (or are one): a sweaty sleeper who can't seem to get comfy using either a lightweight or heavier blanket. If this is you, this plush polyester blanket might just be your answer: it's soft and can easily be layered when the night is cooler than expected, but on its own adds a sufficient enough covering to keep you warm throughout the night — but never so warm that you wake up sweating and sticking to the sheets.

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