The Travel Essential Every Jewelry-Lover Needs

by Braelyn Wood

When your family lives more than 5,000 miles away, it's easy to become a packing expert. Clothes, shoes, and toiletries belong in the luggage while carry-ons are reserved for technology, books, and jewelry. Of course, I made mistakes perfecting this packing routine. Before investing the best travel jewelry organizer, my go-to jewelry organization system consisted of tiny jewelry pouches that inevitably left statement earrings hopelessly tangled with dainty necklaces.

Needless to say, investing in a travel case was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Instead of stabbing myself on earring backs in search of a lost stud, I could spend that time on the beach attacking the giant stack of books I brought along for the trip. And keeping my jewelry organized meant I actually knew what pieces I had with me.

While it might be the most obvious travel hack, investing in an organizer is essential for every accessories lover. The perfect traveling case exists for every jewelry vice, whether you love bold watches, stackable rings, or statement necklaces. Not to mention, many jewelry organizers not only protect pieces during travel, but can be used in day-to-day life as a chic dresser display.

So whether you plan to fly across the continent or simply carry around a few pairs of backup earrings, here's a list of the best travel jewelry organizers on the web.


A Vegan-Leather Organizer Designed To Take Up Minimal Space

Case Elegance Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case, $19, Amazon

Designed to lay flat and take up minimal space, this vegan leather travel organizer is a seriously space-savvy solution. A little smaller than a clutch wallet, this super thin case includes slots for seven pairs of studs, four necklaces, three pouches for bracelets, and a spot that was specially designed for ring storage.


A Double-Layered Organizer That Protects From The Elements

David Accessories Waterproof Jewelry & Accessories Travel Organizer, $22, Amazon

This waterproof organizer has a wax-treated polyester exterior that protects a lush velvet interior, making it the perfect travel companion if you're headed to a rainy climate. The interior is divided into two deep compartments, there’s plenty of room for watches, larger earrings and even a pair of sunglasses. Available in seven different colors, this travel case also comes with a velvet carrier for off-travel storage.


A Small Hard-Case Jewelry Organizer That's Chic AF

Vlando Small Tassels Travel Jewelry Box, $17, Amazon

Not only does Vlando's small tassel travel box look chic, the hard shell offers serious protection. Made with durable faux leather, this sturdy box protects jewelry from damage while still fitting comfortably into a handbag. The sleek carrier includes a row of ring rolls, a small mirror, a pouch, two stud earring holders, and two closable compartments. Best of all you can pick from six different colors to match your vacation vibes.


A Large Organizer That Just Might Fit Your Entire Jewelry Collection

Wodison Zipper Carry-on Travel Jewelry Case Organizer with Removable Pouch, $20, Amazon

Wodison’s travel case is the best option when you want to bring your entire jewelry collection along for the trip. This organizer includes seven necklace hooks, two deep pockets, earring and ring bars, as well as a removable pouch for bulkier items. One reviewer wrote, “It accommodates everything in an efficient and organized manner. It looks nice on the outside and the inside is heavenly suede which protects all of your precious jewels!"


A Soft Quilted Organizer That Does Double-Duty

Ellis James Designs Makeup & Jewelry Travel Bag, $25, Amazon

This genius travel bag combines a toiletries bag with a jewelry organizer for the perfect two-in-one creation. While one zip-compartment stores makeup brushes, palettes, and lipstick, the other is crafted with necklace straps, earring slots, and an elastic pouch for your favorite accessories. Not to mention, the soft quilted exterior protects both fragile earrings and palettes.


A Budget-Friendly Organizer That You Can Hang Up In Your Hotel

Travel Smart by Conair Jewelry Roll Bag, $13, Amazon

An affordable option for budget shoppers, Conair’s plastic travel jewelry organizer has six see-through compartments to store and display accessories. With a tiny hook for hanging and a secure tie closure, it’s no surprise that this bargain find is an Amazon number one best seller for jewelry rolls. One reviewer even called it “the perfect way to pack jewelry for travel.”


An Organizer That Prevents Necklaces From Getting Tangled In Transit

UnionPlus Velvet Travel Jewelry Case for Necklaces, $16, Amazon

The single worst offenders of the travel tanglers, necklaces need to be carefully packed to prevent knots. This roll organizer keeps pieces in place with 12 different hooks, while the 22- by 12-inch design allows plenty of space between necklaces. Made from high-quality soft velvet, this travel organizer easily earns it's almost five-star rating.


An Earrings-Only Organizer That's Adorable

Csinos Portable Earring Holder with Foldable Book Design, $14, Amazon

If earrings are your preferred form of bling, this travel organizer is a great way to store all of your favorite pairs. The book design holds up to 42 pairs of earrings in a compact space. Available in three different colors, the playful format also means this adorable carrier can easily transition from travel carrier to chic desk decor.


A Velvet Pouch Designed Especially For Rings

WODISON Travel Velvet Ring Organizer Clutch Bag, $16, Amazon

A ring lover's dream, this velvet travel case has 10 removable padded bars for storing and protecting every precious ring you own. It's designed with silky fabric that folds over to protect the rings from scratching or damaging each other, then rolls into a compact pouch, and has two velcro fastenings to ensure that the clutch stays closed.


A Plush Roll That Protects Bracelets

Wodison Bracelet Organizer, $19, Amazon

Crafted with a soft velvet exterior, this travel case protects bracelets and watches on a removable plush tube. Ideal for keeping accessories in place and helping to hold their shape, the zippered closing protects from dust. And if space is a concern, this compact carrier can hold up to six large watches.

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