The 10 Hair Brushes With The Best Reviews On Amazon

by Bianca Mendez

Despite that fact that many of them look pretty similar, not all hair brushes are created equal. Some work great for straightening long strands while others work best for bouncy blowouts, but no matter your goal, you always want to find the best of the best. And with so many shapes and models on the market, I rounded up the hair brushes with the best reviews on Amazon to simplify things a little.

If you don't believe that the right hair brush makes a difference in styling, think again. Utilizing better tools actually can leave your hair looking salon-worthy for days to come — without the price tag that accompanies a visit to the blow dry bar.

Still, finding the right hair brush for your hair type is a challenge in itself. Take it from me as someone whose gone through her fair share of hair brushes: I have really thick hair, which makes it a challenge to find a proper tool that doesn't turn my hair into a frizzy mess. And in my search, I've also learned that while one hair brush left my friend's hair smooth and flawless, it didn't work for me.

For those who are trying to find the best hair brush for fine hair, the best hair brush for blow drying, or one for detangling, look no further. I've narrowed down the best selling hair brushes on Amazon, with every model in this selection receiving stellar reviews from buyers. Get ready to find your holy grail hair brush.


The Best Brush For Detangling


Crave Naturals Detangling Brush, $11, Amazon

Curly-haired girls love this detangling brush because it glides through their hair without breakage. “Surprisingly, it does do an excellent job of loosening up the tightness of my hair,” says an Amazon customer who describes her curly hair as kinky and ultra fine. “I have used it once on dry tangled hair (resulting from washing my hair and not detangling before letting it air dry in a bun) and I found that it didn't cause nearly as much breakage loosening up my hair as a comb or Denman brush would have. It did a surprisingly gentle job.”


The Best Brush For Faster, Easier Hair Drying


SUPRENT Nano Technology Barrel Brush, $14, Amazon

Amazon users rave about this barrel brush, saying it makes achieving salon-worthy voluminous, shiny hair a lot easier. "My hair is super thick and coarse but this brush glides through my hair without snagging or pulling," says Amazon user Willam. "I use it with a blowdryer and I can dry and give my hair a nice curly bounce in one pass." Other notable mentions include its easy-to-hold rubber handle, the vented ceramic barrel that retains heat, making blow drying faster, and its nano technology that helps diminish frizz to boost shine.


The Best Brush For Wet And Dry Hair

Wet Brush

Wet Brush Pro Epic Quick Dry Hair Brush, $15, Amazon

This brush takes everything you love about the OG wet brush one step further. First, let's note the brush's IntelliFlex bristles, which are gentle enough to detangle wet hair. "It used to take me several minutes to brush tangles out of my hair straight out of the shower even with the help of a set angler, but now I am done brushing my hair so quickly," says Amazon user Kaci Pezoulas. Aside from being great for detangling, this model's curved shape helps remove excess water from the scalp as your dry. "The air from the hair blower goes throughout the brush because of its design, giving me a much faster drying time," adds Amazon user Maurene.


The Best Hair Brush For Dry Scalps


Beyond 100 Naturals Dry Scalp Bamboo Paddle Brush, $15, Amazon

This paddle brush is made out of entirely bamboo, which reviewers say it's a good head massager for the scalp and gentle for detangling. "It feels SOOO good against my scalp," says Amazon user Kristi J. Tanodra, who called it a "fabulous hair brush." And for those dry shampoo lovers, here's some good news for you: Amazon user, Christina, says the bristles help absorb the oil from the scalp, prolonging her need to wash her hair. Other notable things about this paddle brush is that it helps remove dead skin cells from your scalp and stimulates blood flow to your scalp, meaning healthy hair.


The Best Styling Brush For Fine Hair


Styling Essentials Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brush, $12, Amazon

This Styling Essentials hair brush's boar and nylon bristles add shine and volume to your tresses. Reviewers love this brush because it helps them achieve that bouncy hair look even with fine hair. "My long, fine hair was getting fried by the old-style metal round brushes that heat up so much with a hairdryer, so I decided to give wooden brushes a try," added Melissa Gondek. "What a difference! My hair is smoother, shinier, and has many, many fewer split ends since I bought this brush."


The Best Brush For An Effortless Blowout


Spornette Ion Fusion Aerated Hair Brush, $12, Amazon

This Spornette Ion Fusion Hair Brush makes mastering those bouncy Kardashian-esque waves easier without having to deal with snags and tangles. "With most round brushes I've had, I still have to straighten my hair after blow drying. Not with this brush," writes reviewer Lisa98. "My hair comes out so smooth and I can give it some nice big curls at the bottom!" Others also agree that this brush helps reduce frizz and static for shiny, smooth hair.


The Best Brush For Natural Hair

Elera Hair Sponge, $7, Amazon

Women with curly, textured hair love the Elera Hair Sponge because it makes styling more manageable. "This hair sponge did exactly what it is supposed to do which is to create coils and define and enhance curls in natural African American textured hair," writes Amazon user C. Rene.


The Best Brush For Detangling Fine Hair


Tangle Teezer Brush, $9, Amazon

"Worth the hype," wrote on Amazon user. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Tangle Teezer Brush glides through knots easily without pulling it. "Normally when I brush or comb my hair with any other type of brush, I notice that I lose a considerable amount of hair on the brush, but not so with the Tangle Teezer," writes Lex, who has thin, fragile hair. "I've only lost maybe 2 to 3 hairs (that I can tell) when brushing with it."


The Best Brush for Straight Hair


Moroccanoil P80 Brush, $20, Amazon

Users love the Moroccanoil P80 Brush because of its ceramic plate that protects hair from heat and flat shape helps them create smooth, straight styles without frizz. "I've used so many different products to keep the frizz away and different brushes that its ridiculous how much money I kept spending on the hair," writes Sfmom. "I like this brush since I don't have to add any hair oil or leave in-treatment when I'm brushing, I can even use the brush when my hair is wet and it doesn't break my hair."


The Best Thermal Hot Brush To Fake A Blow Out


Hot Tools Ionic Tourmaline Hot Brush, $28, Amazon

For those who like to save time blow drying and styling your hair, the Hot Tools Ionic Tourmaline Hot Brush does the job. "The thermal brush definitely does a good job of adding volume to roots and helping to achieve that the ends of your hair flip in or out," writes one AmazonCustomer. "With fine, thin, curly, medium length hair I am always looking for a way to de-frizz and add body," writes Amazon user Florence Nightingale who also mentions that this thermal brush got rid of her frizz. "This is finally the perfect tool."

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