The 10 Most Comfortable Skinny Jeans

Out of all the jeans I've bought over the years — probably somewhere around 50 if you start counting after my extremely '90s l.e.i. flower patch pair — there were only one or two that I actually really love. In order for me to love a pair, they need to be the most comfortable jeans, on top of being really flattering and super durable. The rest of them fall pretty short, and if that makes me picky, I'm not sure I care. Now, after years of trial and error, I'll only buy a pair of jeans if I'm head over heels in love with them, because I'm done having a drawer full of denim that never even gets past the tag-removal stage.

Thankfully, if you feel the same way I do, there are loads of people who are willing to help you in your quest to find the best skin-tight jeans out there. I polled 10 people, asking, "What's your favorite and most comfortable pair of skinny jeans, and why?" and boy, did they deliver. These stylish folks were able to give me a really well-rounded sample of jeans that fit all the checks on my list, so if you're in the market for your newest pair, check out these top picks.


Long-Lasting, Snug, And Super Comfortable

AEO Denim X Skinny Jeans (00-18), $50, American Eagle

"For me, American Eagle has consistently produced the best-quality skinny jeans around," says Jenny Hollander, senior news editor at Bustle. "I'm petite and grew up in England, and I'd pick up AE jeans (and, later, jeggings) whenever I was in the United States or in Canada. AE offers about a ton of different options that change with the season, they're inexpensive, and they last. They also fit me snugly, which other jeans don't tend to do, without being too tight." This pair comes in two different colors and options for short, regular, long, and extra long.


The Skinny Jean Look With A High Waist

High-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans (0-20), $18, Old Navy

"My favorite pair of skinny jeans is the High Rise Rock Star skinny jean from Old Navy," says Emma Lord, Bustle's associate web culture editor. "I'm a pretty hyper individual, so I need flexibility in my jeans, and I love that this pair has the skinny jean look without ever feeling confining. I'm also really into the high rise because they're not constricting at the waist, and I never have to worry about it riding down when I bending over to grab something." With this pair, you also have options for regular, tall, and petite, as well as a short, regular, and long inseam.


These Hug Your Curves, But Retain Their Shape

H&M+ Shaping Skinny Jeans (14-24), $70, H&M

Erin, an editor at Bustle, says "For most comfortable skinny jeans, I like the ones I have from H&M." These H&M+ shaping skinny jeans are made primarily from cotton that hugs all your curves, but they look exactly like real jeans because they retain their shape. They've got five pockets and come in three different colors — dark denim, blue denim, and black.


These Jeggings That Look Just Like Real Denim

American Eagle Super Low Jeggings (00-20), $45, American Eagle

Kara McGrath, deputy editor of fashion at Bustle, says, "I don't wear skinny jeans often, but when I do they're almost always a pair of Jeggings from American Eagle. The black ones are my favorite because you can't tell they aren't made of denim!" These ones are made with 99 percent cotton for extreme stretch and comfort, but they hold and look like jeans.


Comfortable Cotton, But With An Edgy Ripped Look

MOTO Stepped Rip Jamie Jeans (W2432-W3430), $80, Topshop

Another fan of Topshop's Jamie Jean is Irma Elezovic, Bustle's associate branded beauty editor, who loves these MOTO Stepped ripped Jamie jeans. "They fit so nicely and are extremely comfortable. I have them in black and classic blue." They're crafted with super stretchy cotton, but have a durable denim feel, and they have multiple pockets and ripped knees for an edgy look.


This Durable Pair That's Worth The Price Tag

Madewell High Riser Skinny Jeans (24-32), $129, Nordstrom

"My favorite are Madewell high riser skinny jeans," says Kristen, account manager. "They're expensive, but they're worth the price. They suck you in in all the right places and come in a variety of colors so they can work for any occasion." This pair is made from super soft cotton denim rinsed in a deep indigo wash, and because of its shadow creases and subtle fading, no one will ever know that they're not actual jeans.


An Effortlessly Laid Back, Yet Polished Pair

Moto Jamie High Rise Ankle Skinny (25x30, 32x30), $70, Nordstrom

"My favorite pair of jeans is currently the Moto Jamie High Rise Ankle Skinny from Topshop," says Elly Ayres, associate commerce editor at Bustle. "They're great because they instantly pull together any outfit you pair them with — somehow achieving an effortless vibe that's both laid back and polished. The fabric is stiff but still stretches with you, and the high waist doesn't feel like it's cutting off circulation — always a plus! I like to roll the ankles up to show off whatever patterned socks I'm wearing that day, too."


No More Pant Prisons — These Fit Like A Second Skin

Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans (24-32), $75, Amazon

Jenna McGivney, art therapist and mental health counselor, says "I wear a lot of dresses — pants are leg prisons! Cheap monday (second skin high rise) has always been the only jeans that I would make an exception for because they never stretch out and fit like new whenever you wash them!" Since they're made primarily from cotton, they fit like leggings, even though they look like jeans.


Tucked And Comfortable Without Feeling Confined

Mid-Rise Plus-Size Skinny Jeans (16-30), $20, Old Navy

Rosie, a restaurant server, loves Old Navy skinny jeans because "they fit my calf and a lot of skinny jeans don't." Her favorite are the hip huggers, which keep everything tucked and comfortable without feeling confined. This pair comes in three different colors, has short, regular, and long options, and reviewers love that the tight ankle-fit looks great tucked into boots.


Great Jeans For Tall Yet Hippy Folks

Gap Stretch 1969 True Skinny Jeans (24-35), $45, Gap

I like to wear Gap 1969 True Skinny Jeans — both high rise and the original style," says Melanie, production coordinator. "They're comfortable, come in a variety of colors, and they work well with my body type (tall, but hippy)." People also say that they're super flattering, fit true to size, and that they love the thicker fabric and detailed stitching.

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