The 10 Most Supportive Sports Bras

Whether you're wearing them for running, yoga class, or errands, the most supportive sports bras are a worthy investment. Unlike everyday bras (or sports bras with less support), they're specifically designed for comfort, coverage, lift, and breathability — all simultaneously. But achieving that combination is easier said than done.

Most supportive bras get their lift and shaping-abilities from an underwire. Sports bras, however, often skip the wire altogether to remain flexible and chafe-resistant. As a result, they need to compensate for that structure using other materials — like compression fabric, molded cups, and controlled seams — which can be difficult to construct properly, especially while maintaining comfort and breathability. The ones that do opt to utilize underwire need to ensure that the design won't poke or prod throughout a workout.

When shopping for the best sports bras for larger cups or the best high-impact bras, look for structured, full-coverage designs paired with mesh or moisture-wicking fabric. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the band and the straps, the more support you'll get. Racerback designs and adjustable clasps are also helpful in providing support. Avoid plunging necklines and bras that use only compression fabric without padding or foam, as these are the least likely to support your chest during movement.

For convenience, check whether or not your options are machine-washable or hand-wash only — all bras are really only meant for hang-drying.

After you've narrowed down sports bras that tick all the boxes, you can choose your preferred color, size, and style. These are the 10 most supportive sports bras broken down based on your potential needs:


The Most Supportive Sports Bra For Large Breasts

Those with larger breasts often require more support from a sports bra, and Glamorise's Elite Performance is one of the best options for this. Instead of wires, this bra uses reinforced cups, compression mesh, two-way stretch, large straps, and a contoured band, all to minimize bounce and provide shaping and support. It's available in both black and print, and the sizes span up to an H cup. This pick is even machine-washable.

Reviewers say: "I wear a size 34H — so very hard to find good bras. Ordering them off the internet is even harder. This is a great product! It feels very good and really keeps me from bouncing while jogging. Also quite comfortable — I will order more!"

  • Available sizes: 34C — 50H


The Best Underwire Sports Bra

If you still find that underwire is the best tool for optimizing support, it's important to find an underwire sports bra that remains flexible, comfortable, and breathable. The Panache underwire sports bra checks all those boxes for thousands of reviewers. Despite the wire, the molded inner-cups and flat seams reduce friction during movement, and the reinforced fabric prevents bounce in all directions. Although, this option is hand-wash only, it features wide, padded straps with a racerback option. Get it in over 35 gorgeous patterns and colors.

Reviewers say: "Where is the Nobel prize for the inventor/maker of this bra? I usually have to adjust my sports bra at least once every five minutes during a workout - it moves out of place, rolls up, etc. I just did a 90-minute workout and only adjusted this thing ONCE. It is a total MIRACLE. It's underwire without being underwire-stabby."

  • Available sizes: 28D — 40H


The Best Cheap Sports Bras (Four Of Them)

Oftentimes, cheaper sports bras equate to less support — though with 6,000 reviews and a 4.3 star rating, it seems FITTIN bras are the exception. With this four-pack, you're paying less than $8 a bra, but buyers say they're shockingly comfortable and well-made. They combine high-impact Climacool fabric with removable foam pads and a mesh racerback design. This set includes black, gray, white, and turquoise, but you can opt for different color combinations — and a few single bra options, too. However, the manufacturer recommends hand-washing.

Reviewers say: "I am a 30H and can't find many [bras] that are comfortable, affordable, and high impact. I was so sick of paying $60 for a bra! [...] I am thrilled! Seriously, thrilled."

  • Available sizes: S — 2X plus


The Most Comfortable Sports Bra

If comfort is your top priority, Playtex's 18 Hour Active Lifestyle bra is specifically designed to feel as if you're supported while wearing nothing at all. The genius is largely in the frame, which features higher side bands and more coverage — but the rounder, moisture-wicking cups and wider, cushioned straps also contribute to support. You can purchase this bra in classic shades like white, black, and beige. This pick is even machine-washable.

Reviewers say: "[Five] minutes after putting this fabulous bra on I ordered another one! [...] This one is so comfortable in so many ways that you barely know you have it on. No dreaded straps digging into your shoulders and a smooth, supportive great fit."

  • Available sizes: 36B — 46DD


The Best Moisture-Wicking Sports Bra

A bra may skip the wires and prevent chafing, but if it's wet throughout your workout, it'll only feel so comfortable. For those who tend to sweat hard, Hanes X-Temp is the ideal pick. This sports bra has built-in foam cups, adjustable cross straps, and naturally shaping seams, all of which have reviewers raving about the support — but the real selling point is the fabric. The patented material is extremely breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry while you move and is even machine-washable.

Reviewers say: "The X-Temp feature caught my eye since I go on a lot of camping trips and hikes. I tested it out on a 20-mile day hike in June and it really did wick away the moisture. Kept me comfortable the entire day."

  • Available sizes: S — 3X plus


The Best Sports Bra For Running

For running, CrossFit, and other high-impact activities, you'll need something that minimizes movement as much as possible. Chantelle's high-impact convertible bra has multiple features in place to reduce bounce up to 68%. Its knit fabric, double-lined mesh band, lay-flat underwire, and full-coverage foam cups all keep your chest still and supported. The straps are thicker than most and feature a U-band back to prevent slipping — plus they can even configure into a racerback. This option is hand-wash only.

Reviewers say: "As a long time, long distance runner that is well endowed I can attest that this sports bra blows all others away. I purchased this about 2 years ago and still today demand a lot from it on my long distance runs (5-15 miles) and it has yet to disappoint [...] I am bounce-free [and] it wicks away moisture like no other."

  • Available sizes: 30D — 42F


The Best Plunge Sports Bra

Usually, full-coverage is better for support, but thanks to this bra's structured design, reviewers say they're not missing anything. Champion's Curvy Strappy sports bra utilizes molded foam cups, an extra-wide band, mesh inserts, and a hook and eye closure to deliver moderate-impact support. The V-neck and eye-catching color combinations may be purely aesthetic, but the strappy racerback design helps to keep the bra in place throughout your workout. This option is machine-washable.

Reviewers say: "I have been wearing this style for medium impact activities and am very satisfied. The fit and coverage are great and the straps can be adjusted. I love the V-neck — supportive and stylish."

  • Available sizes: XS — XL


The Best Front-Close Sports Bra

Front-close sports bras are ideal for those with limited movement or for people who prefer a convenient alternative to pull-over options. The Yvette bra features an easy-on, scratch-proof zipper in the front, so getting dressed for your workout is a breeze. It also has a racerback design, soft- molded cups, and a combination of compression and cool-max fabric in your choice of seven patterns. This pick is also machine-washable.

Reviewers say: "One of the most comfortable sports bras I ever tried on. Super comfortable to wear with great support! I like how it’s [convenient] to zip in the front because sometimes after sweating from working out it’s hard to take sports bras off because of the sweat."

  • Available sizes: S — 5XL


The Most Lightweight Full-Support Sports Bra

It's extremely difficult to pull off support without wires and without extra padding, but the Champion Spot full-support sports bra does just that — which is likely why it's the number-one best-seller in its category. It uses a careful balance of molded cups and nylon-spandex fabric to create a bra that minimizes bounce and maximizes lift, all while remaining thin, breathable, and lightweight. It even has gel-infused straps and mesh layering to keep you cool and comfortable. Just note that this bra is hand wash only.

Reviewers say: "This sports bra is amazing!! I am a 38DDD and this is the first sports bra that does the job for me [...] It offers a ton of support and no wire or bulky padding. I am going to buy some more."

  • Available sizes: 34D — 42DDD


The Most Supportive Strappy Sports Bra

The strappy-bra trend is definitely stylish, but it's rarely supportive — until now. Because it combines contouring polyester-spandex material with removable cups, this icyzone sports bra offers much more lift and shaping than other similar bras. It's available in 17 different colors, and while they all feature interwoven straps in the back, buyers say they're shockingly supportive in the front. This pick is even machine-washable.

Reviewers say: "When I first tried it on I was skeptical about how supportive it would be because it didn't feel as snug as my other sports bra. But I tested out burpees and jumping and it felt great!"

  • Available sizes: S — XXL

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