The 11 Best Beach Bags & Backpacks


The ideal beach day is all about planning ahead. You'll likely need to pack towels, blankets, bug spray, lunch, and sun-care products, and when you put it all together, things can really start to pile up. Finding the best beach bags and backbacks to organize and comfortably carry your accessories can be an absolute game-changer. But not all options are created equal, and certain features are sure to improve functionality as well as convenience.

When shopping for a great beach tote, be sure to consider both style preference and the bag's overall purpose. Since you'll be using the bag around or near water, you'll definitely want to think about features like waterproofing, zippered pockets, and special sand-resistant compartments; these features will ensure that your belongings stay dry and clean. On the flip side of things, some people prefer permeable materials like mesh, which will help sift out any unwanted sand at the end of your trip.

If you're looking for an option that covers more than the basics, there are bags with special features to ensure that all your beach-related needs are met. For instance, you may want a bag with a built-in cooler to store perishable items and keep drinks cold. You could even consider a bag with a secret beverage compartment so that you can discretely store and pour your wine.

Below are some of the best beach bags available, ranging from large mesh carryalls to totes with built-in wine spouts. Whether your main priority is interior space, protection, or luxury, these 11 options have it all.


The Best Beach Bag, All Things Considered

When it comes to the combination of durability, functionality, and style, Shylero's beach tote definitely tops the list. Thanks to its extra-large sizing and zip-top design, this beach bag can store a myriad of items safely and securely. With its blue and white striped pattern and canvas-like (but waterproof) material, it also combines convenience with style. It even comes with a useful key holder and a bottle opener for your favorite beverages.

Reviewers say: "This bag met and exceeded my expectations! Handle rope is very thick so easy on the hands even if filled to the bring! Material is very sturdy and easily washable."


The Best Cheap Beach Bag

With an $8 price tag, Bags For Less' clear, waterproof tote is a deal that's hard to pass up. Not only will it help keep all of your belongings nice and dry while you lounge around, but its see-through design also makes it super easy to identify enclosed items so you won't have to go rummaging through with wet, sandy hands. It's available in black, blue, or pink.

Reviewers say: "This thing is awesome! My favorite part is that it zips. I have a lot of tote bags that just hang open. I also used this for around the pool and it held two beach towels, the kids' outfits, sun screen, my phone, diapers and wipes. Awesome!"


The Best Waterproof Bag

If you're looking to prevent water damage, Acrodo's dry tote takes waterproofing to the next level. Made specifically to protect its contents, this bag promises to keep your things completely dry — even if it happens to accidentally get submerged in water. As far as aesthetics are concerned, this bag comes in a variety of colors, most of which are transparent, allowing for the quick and easy retrieval of your personal items. It also has a shoulder sling, a handle, and a cylindrical shape for carrying convenience.

Reviewers say: "I can definitely say this bag worked. I flipped my kayak this weekend and the bag was totally submerged for about 20 minutes, but the contents stayed dry."


The Best Beach Backpack

Whether it's a long way from the car to the shore, or you just need both hands for other things, the Timoey mesh beach backpack is a great multi-functional option. Its mesh fabric helps to keep your items sand-free, while its backpack design is both comfortable and convenient. The straps can be easily adjusted to any length, and the multiple drawstring pockets ensure that your things are secure, but accessible.

Reviewers say: "Easily fits all the swim team gear — flippers, towel, suit, goggles, cap, flip flops, change of clothes — with lots of room to spare. The drawstring tightens up enough to keep everything from falling out and is easy for a kid to pull shut."


A Gorgeous Straw Beach Tote

If you typically go for something on the fashionable side, the BEACH'D straw tote may be just the bag you're looking for. This handcrafted option has been dip-dyed with sustainable seagrass, but it's also sturdy and water-resistant for beach-use.

You'll find plenty of room to tuck your personal items away thanks to the bag's spacious interior, which features a phone pocket, sunglasses pocket, a beverage holder, and a few zippered security compartments. It's even large enough to secure a wine bottle, and the snap-in canvas lining is removable as well as machine-washable in case of spills.

Reviewers say: "I absolutely love this beach bag! It is just the perfect size for my towel, drink, [and] book for at the beach. I love the color and it is very stylish. The straps are comfortable. I love that no one else will have a beach bag as unique as mine."


The Best Mesh Beach Bag To Sift Out Sand

Sand typically manages to get everywhere regardless of material, but a permeable option will allow it to sift out again. Using a mesh beach bag like this one from Aomais will keep your car and home cleaner, as it'll allow the sand to fall away from your items as soon as you lift it off the ground.

Thanks to its 150-pound capacity and various different pockets, this bag is also extremely durable and can hold everything you need for a day at the beach.

Reviewers say: "This is a great beach bag. The mesh allows sand to fall right out of the bottom, which is great for a bag that carries sandy towels/toys. I could fit two large towels and a blanket in it. The side pockets are perfect for sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, toys, etc.."


A Boho-Inspired Beach Bag That's Water-Resistant

This extra-large beach bag has a boho-inspired print and rope handle making it a stylish option. But it's not just an attractive bag — thanks to the water-resistant fabric, spacious size, and zip-able interior pocket it's also functional.

Reviewers say: "This very cute bag arrived right on time. It is a nice, heavier weight fabric bag that feels sturdy but not bulky or heavy on the shoulder, even when packed, and it holds a LOT of stuff. A very large beach towel along with all the usual beach supplies - sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, book, magazines, water bottle, etc. The rope handles are very soft and smooth, so comfortable on a bare shoulder or bare hand."


A Beach Bag With A Built-In Cooler

When it comes to amazing beach bags, Raytix's beach tote has a lot to offer. Not only is it spacious enough to carry all of your seaside necessities, but it also features a bottom cooler large enough to hold a dozen canned beverages as well as other perishable items. If you're planning a beach barbecue, this pick also has you covered thanks to the multiple zippered pockets and the free 5-by-6 water-resistant beach blanket, which folds up into a convenient carrying pouch.

Reviewers say: "We love going to the beach and lake, and I've been looking for something that I can combine my needs in, without having to bring a beach bag and a cooler. This totally works! I can put water bottles and food items that need to stay cool in the bottom ... I also love the large beach mat that shakes sand off easily and folds up nicely to put back in the bag when done."


The Best Oversized Beach Bag

If you tend to over-prepare for the beach, you'll be able to fit just about everything you need in Fundia's oversized nylon mesh tote. The bag can easily hold up to 50 pounds and features eight extra-large pockets to store your sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks, towels, flip-flops, and more. The tote's mesh design also helps keep messes at bay by allowing sand to sift through after use. Last but not least, since this pick features a zipper, you can ensure that everything stays inside on your way to and from the car.

Reviewers say: "The zipper top was great for keeping everything in, and you can really pack it full. Several large beach towels, a bunch of sand and water toys, [three] kinds of sunscreen, goggles, snacks, swim diapers, water bottles, etc.. It held everything a family with young kids would need at the beach. The bag won't get saturated from wet clothes or towels. With a firm shake, all of the sand would sift right through the mesh fabric."


This Backpack-Tote Hybrid

Thanks to its hybrid design, the WANDF drawstring bag allows you to carry your belongings any way you choose. The top handle and square shape make for a convenient tote when you need to grab it and go, but the adjustable straps and drawstring closure instantly turn this bag into a backpack. It's available in just about any color you can imagine (as well as a few fun patterns), and the ample pockets, roomy interior, and water-resistant fabric ensure that it's a great fit for the beach.

Reviewers say: "Roomy, comfortable and so nice looking! Fabric feels like it will repel water and stains effectively."


The Best Option For Wine-Lovers

It's always wine o'clock with PortoVino's striped canvas beach tote. In addition to being spacious enough to carry all of your beach needs, the stylish bag also features a removable, BPA-free pouch that can discreetly hold two bottles of your favorite beverage. Its insulated lining helps keep things chilled throughout the day, while its hidden spout allows you to pour freely from the side of the bag. You can get this one in four fashionable colors.

Reviewers say: "The bag is beautiful and very high quality! I love the separate compartment for the wine so I still have room for other things! There is also enough room in the compartment for a bottle and a half of wine plus an ice pack to keep it all cool for a full day at the beach."

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