The 11 Best Micellar Waters For All Skin Types on


Before I dive right into recommending the best micellar waters for all skin types, let's define what it actually is. Where does micellar water come from, anyway? Should you add a micellar water into your skincare routine?

In short, micellar water is a souped-up toner that's packed with moisturizing ingredients and micelles—microscopic spheres that attract and remove makeup, dirt, and oils to cleanse skin with little to no irritation. It's typically applied to dry but unwashed skin by way of a cotton swab as the first step in a skin care routine. Because of their mild nature, micellar waters do not need to be rinsed away; after they've done their primary job (cleansing), your skin will reap the benefits of whatever complexion-boosting ingredients your micellar water has been enhanced with.

Below, find the best micellar water for all skin types available on for drug store beauty queens and prestige skincare lovers alike.

Try A Micellar Water Formula That's Tried and True

Complete Your Natural Skincare Routine With This Hydrating Micellar Water

A Micellar Water That Addresses Dull Skin Concerns

A Seriously All-In-One Formula That Replaces A Cleanser And Makeup Remover

A Micellar Water For The Luxury Skin Care Lover

A Complete Micellar Water For Nights When You're Feeling Lazy

A Gentle Micellar Water From A Cult-Classic Skin Care Line

A Micellar Water Free Of Artificial Perfumes & Dyes

Keep Your Skin Fresh With Micellar Water On The Go

Treat Your Skin To A Micellar Water Enhanced With A Spa-Favorite Ingredient

An Ultra-Gentle Micellar Water Approved By Dermatologists

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