Louis Theroux & Ovie Soko On 'Bake Off' Is Exactly What We *Knead* RN

Mark Bourdillon/Channel 4

The Great British Bake Off is truly the TV version of a national treasure. Meaning that getting a bunch of much-loved UK household names on the show is basically national treasure squared. Celebrity Bake Off's latest season started with a splash and with the cream of the crop talent involved, choosing then funniest moments in Celebrity Bake Off is tougher than constructing a structurally sound Croquembouche.

This year's season kicked off with a bang when documentary maker and journalist Louis Theroux, comedian Jenny Eclair, comedian Russell Howard, and (object of nearly everyone's affection) basket baller Ovie Soko stepped into the bake off kitchen. All four stars were braced and ready for battle — donning their aprons, oven mitts, and nervous smiles all in aid of Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C).

SU2C is Cancer Research UK and Channel 4's fundraising campaign that brings the UK together to speed up progress in life-saving cancer research. Apart from the hit show laden with celebrities, viewers at home are also encouraged to bake and fundraise for the campaign.

Although not one of the contestants claimed to be avid bakers, none of them were terrible either. Actually, they were pretty alright if you ask me. Eclair won star baker in the first episode and will go on to compete to win the Celebrity Bake Off crown.


Louis's LOL Intro

Good old Louis came through, introducing the location for this season's Celebrity Bake Off in the same way he introduces his hard-hitting documentaries. And he didn't flinch once.


Jenny's "Fourth Best Bra"

Jenny made it clear she was coming into the show with an ironclad plan of action. "I think I'm going to have to play the sex kitten card," the comedian said. "I might have to pretend I'm so hot I have to strip off. And I've got my fourth best bra on so that should distract them all."


Louis' Tricep Dips

They were more, well, tricep thrusts?

Staring directly into Russell's eyes, Louis tried to throw his fellow competitor off his game with some rather odd workout moves. Some people would dream of such a thing, Russell.


Ovie... Just, Ovie

Mark Bourdillon/Channel 4

From his effortlessly chill attitude to his messy basketball cookie ("it adds character"), Ovie once again proved why he is the reality star of all reality stars. Please can we watch him on every single channel?


Sandi Putting Paul In His Place

When Paul tried to interrupt Sandi and Jenny's banter with a few jokes of his own, the QI host came back with the most cutting of comebacks: "Don't be funny. Literally not your job." Wow, as if she wasn't enough of a legend, she just put Paul in his place for attempting to do her job. Stanning doesn't even cover it.


Louis Boasting About His Cookie

Nobody likes a show off but when Louis took out his cookie and paraded around saying "Does this look ready?", you couldn't help but chuckle.


Louis Getting Three Handshakes

After the success of his pizza cookie (it was done, BTW), Louis was ready to get the judges praise in abundance and did he ever. The documentarian achieved not one, not two, but three handshakes. (From Paul, Prue, and Noel). Is it unprecedented? Probably. Does he deserve it? Absolutely.


Paul's Nipple Thing

Paul had some very specific instructions about the contestants' choux buns, asking for a "nipple" of cream on top. Now, a silver haired fox saying the word nipple could make anybody blush, but Louis looked very shell shocked by the whole thing experience. "He's obsessed with nipples," Noel confirmed for Louis.


Jenny Teasing Noel About His "Flights Of Fancy"

Jenny's showstopper featured her swimming with pigs in Barbados, which, despite being a real and possible thing, really did sound like some sort of wild and fantastical made-up experience. The comedian couldn't help but tease Noel and his Mighty Boosh past: "It's true. It's not one of your funny sketches Noel. It's not one of your flights of fancy."


Russell Exchanging Season Tickets For Handshakes

In a competition like this, the contestants might well resort to dastardly tricks in order to get ahead. Or in this case, to get a handshake. Russell shared the fact that he has Liverpool FC season tickets to Paul and I swear down, I've never seen the judge look more excited. Let's just say, Russell got a handshake (or three) and a football buddy for life.


With all these LOLs packed into the first episode alone, it looks like this season of Celebrity Bake Off is going to be a corker. Find out how you can take donate to SU2C here.