The 12 Best Air Fresheners For Bathroom Smells

We've all read the book and we know it's true — everybody poops. In the past, your only option to combat toilet stink was to spray some exaggerated floral scent over the whole mess. Thankfully, the best air fresheners for bathroom smells fight odors and leave your lavatory smelling fresh and clean without being overwhelming.

Part of the genius of some of these air fresheners is that they prevent bad smells from starting in the first place. There's even a spray that goes into your toilet bowl and traps all the odor molecules before they can escape. It's like your number two never happened. It works so well, you could claim your poo don't stink and everyone would simply have to believe you.

And the pre-poo spray's not your only option. There are tons of ways to keep your bathroom smelling clean, like natural sprays that gently mask odors, odor absorbing gels, and even a cute kitty candle that neutralizes any bad scent that found its way to your bathroom.

The bottom line is toilet odors happen. But, if you'd like to add some pleasant scents to your bathroom, these pleasantly-scented products will make a stinky washroom a thing of the past.

1. A UV Air Sanitizer That Kills Odor-Causing Bacteria

Sometimes, bathroom odors are caused by bacteria buildup. So, to really keep things fresh, try this UV-C Sanitizer. Plug it into the wall and it works immediately to thoroughly sanitize your air. The UV-C light kills odor-causing bacteria without using any chemicals and your air will smell noticeably fresher. If you're not a fan of fragrance, this is a perfect way to keep things fresh without adding any masking scents.

2. A 'Poo-Pourri' Spray You Use 'Before-You-Go'

Just one spray of this stuff before you go to the bathroom and it's as if poo never happened. The spray uses natural compounds and essential oils to trap odors so they never leave the toilet bowl. There are no harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, just all natural, odor fighting ingredients.

3. A Bamboo Charcoal Bag That Absorbs Odors Anywhere

The toilet isn't the only source of bad smells in the bathroom. So, if you need some general air purification, use this bamboo charcoal bag to trap odors. The charcoal naturally absorbs odor and excess moisture, so you won't have to worry about mildew or mold creeping in. If the bag seems to be losing its power, just set it out in the sun, and it's completely rejuvenated. The reusable bag will keep your bathroom fresh for two full years.

4. A Dispenser That Keeps Your Room Fresh Automatically

If you don’t want to deal with spraying every time you walk into the bathroom, let this automatic air freshener do it for you. The battery-powered device neutralizes bacterial odors and delivers automatic bursts of fragrance. Use with your favorite air freshener.

5. A Toilet Spray You Can Take With You For Going On The Go

If you'd like your toilet to smell like a tropical beach, get this spray. Spritz it in the toilet before you go and you'll be left with only the gentle scent of coconut and lime. The travel sized bottle easily fits in a purse, so you can take it with you wherever you need to go.

6. A Toilet Light With An Attached Air Freshener

One, it's fun to see your toilet light up in 13 different colors and this motion-detecting light makes that happen. Two, the toilet light is the perfect brightness for nighttime bathroom trips. But most importantly, the light comes with an air freshener attachment that you can replace when you need to. So, you'll have a fun disco toilet that also smells great.

7. A Spray That Uses Essential Oils To Freshen Up A Room

This all-natural air freshener is made from a blend of six essential oils: eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, tea tree, geranium, and ylang-ylang. The deliciously-scented spray doesn’t just mask odors — it also fights germs with natural antimicrobial properties. And you can spray away without worry — it’s non-toxic and won’t harm the environment.

8. An Air Freshener That Makes Your Toilet Smell Like Roses

Your poo may not smell like roses, but this air freshener can make your bathroom smell like a garden. Using lavender essential oils, rose petals, and water crystals, this little jar adds a refreshing scent to every room. There's no artificial fragrance or overpowering smells. Just a touch of aromatherapy to make your bathroom smell a little nicer.

9. A Spray The Eliminates Odors Naturally

There's a lot of odor eliminating sprays out there, but most are full of chemicals and cloying fragrances. This spray is completely natural and leaves any room in your home with a fascinating citrus/floral scent. The essential oils of the spray naturally dissolve and neutralize odors, while the lemongrass geranium scent that remains is subtle and refreshing.

10. A Gel That Absorbs All The Gross Smells

Stick this odor absorber on your bathroom counter and all the gross smells will be gone. The solid gel sucks in odors for up to 90 days and leaves behind a light scent. All the ingredients are naturally derived and the subtle lavender vanilla scent is incredibly relaxing.

11. A Candle That Keeps It Fresh

This non-toxic candle doesn't have a masking scent; instead, it works hard to neutralize odors whether they come from the bathroom or your favorite pet. It's also soy-based, recyclable, and clean-burning — and best of all, reviewers say "I really don't know how this little candle does its magic... but it works!"

12. A Spray That Fills Your Bathroom With Gold

This spray doesn't contain any actually unicorn, but it does contain gold. Yep, the gold nano particles get sprayed into your toilet bowl to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Sure, it might seem a little weird to literally flush gold down the toilet, but it's all in the name of freshness.

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