The 12 Best Products To Keep Your Dog Cool


Anyone who has a dog can tell you that anytime is playtime (or nap time). For the better part of the year, this is probably not a big deal, but as temperatures begin to rise, this can be dangerous territory for your pup. To find the best products to keep your dog cool, look for items that are durable and well-tolerated. Plus, for on-the-go fun, look for options that are portable.

For the most part, dogs know how to keep themselves cool, like sweating through their paws and panting, but to give them a helping hand, there is everything from cooling vests to breezier beds. Plus, don't forget about keeping them well-hydrated during those walks with smartly designed water bowls. But before your next purchase, keep in mind your dog's preferences. If your dog freezes up and mopes when you put clothes on them (I know a pup like that), then wearable coolers may not be wise purchases and you might want to opt for cooling pads, a doggy pool, and fans instead.

I've pulled together a roundup of a few great options to make hot weather just a little better for your furry friend.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A Cooling Mat That’s Pressure Activated

The pressure-activated technology in this mat starts cooling as soon as your pup steps on it. The nontoxic gel is safe for pets, and the pad doesn’t require batteries or electricity. To recharge it, just air it out when it's not in use. This mat is lightweight, portable, and puncture-resistant so it’s easy enough to toss it in the car and take it with you to the next family outing. Plus, it's available in three sizes, from medium to extra-large, to suit most pups.

According to a fan: "The gel is comfortable, and it must provide some cooling because on a recent hot night, I put it in my room because he was panting so much--he went right over to it, and his panting quieted immediately.”

  • Available sizes: medium, large, and extra-large


A Fan-Favorite Slicker Brush To Help With Heavy Undercoats

If you have a double-coated dog, brushing out some of that undercoat will make a big difference in allowing air circulation around your pup's skin. This slicker brush is easy to use and also helps with mats and shedding. With thousands of five-star reviews, it's a popular choice that is super easy to clean, too.

According to a fan: "I have tried numerous amounts of brushes and treatments to help de-shed my pup's undercoat for the summer and this is the only thing that has truly worked. It's also very helpful that the brush locks into place keeping the bristles out while you brush so you don't have to press down the whole time."


A Cooling Bed With A Removable Canopy

Sitting 7 to 9 inches off the ground, this elevated dog bed offers up cooling airflow from all directions (including from below) and the overhead canopy provides additional shade. What’s more, the canopy is removable, so the bed can easily sit indoors if necessary. Made with durable oxford fabric over a metal frame, this bed is sturdy enough to withstand a bit of scratching. The large bed can accommodate pups up to 100 pounds, and the extra-large bed can hold up to 120 pounds. Plus, this elevated bed washes easily with soap and water.

According to a fan: “I love it already! Seems super sturdy, and the canopy looks like it should shade the majority of any sun (my main reason for purchase). Not difficult to assemble, the manual was large, and simple to read/ follow. It's MUCH larger than anticipated, and will easily fit my 80 [pound] Belgian Malinois/Black Lab.”

  • Available sizes: large and extra-large


A Budget-Friendly Dog Cooling Bed

For a cooling pet bed that’s a bit kinder to your wallet, this elevated pet bed comes in under $30 (even the large size). Made from breathable Teslin mesh (polyester yarns that are PVC coated), this cooling bed is waterproof, durable, and abrasion-resistant. At 8 inches high, there’s plenty of airflow to keep your pup cool in the warmer months. To clean it, either use a hose or wipe it down with soap and water.

According to a fan: “I have to admit I was skeptical when buying this, just because our dogs love to chew things up and are super picky, however, I was wrong! They love the dog bed and are now choosing it over their normal 'softer' dog bed. It's super durable and very easy to put together. I've bought [two], and I'm planning on buying another, who knows I may buy one for every room at this rate!”

  • Available sizes: small, medium, and large


A Vet-Approved Cooling Vest And Collar Combo

This vest and collar set was developed with veterinarians to effectively cool your dog without the use of potentially harmful chemicals or gels. The cooling effect is delivered via ice packs that are inserted into specially designed pockets. Made with lightweight neoprene and chew-resistant nylon, this vest and collar comes in four sizes and are also adjustable for a more customized fit. Plus, both pieces are machine washable.

According to a fan: “I purchased this because my Border Collie is prone to heat seizures. But, it's very difficult to keep a Border Collie from running, playing, herding. We often get him into a kiddie pool after [exercising] as a precaution. I just wanted something that would help extend his playtime and keep him cool. We hit the jackpot. ... It didn't impede his running and playing. It is very lightweight. It's basically a belly band and a collar that are attached by a velcro strap running down the chest from collar to belly. Even with the little ice packs in, it is still very light. He didn't really seem to notice it and it certainly didn't stop him from playing.”

  • Available sizes: XS-L


A Cooling Vest You Just Need To Get Wet

This cooling vest is water activated and begins cooling on contact to keep your pup super comfy during the dog days of summer. Coverage on their back and chest offers UV protection from the sun as well. Plus, if you don’t dampen it, this vest can be used as a lightweight jacket, too. Choose from five sizes and two colors.

According to a fan: “I was a little skeptical when this arrived because it appears to be just a thin piece of fabric that you wet and wring out, but it really works and kept my little guy comfy on a recent road trip during a heatwave. While putting it on him at one point when he was panting, he closed his eyes, which I took to mean, 'Ahh ... thank you, relief!'”

  • Available sizes: XS-XL


An Ice Chew Toy For Keeping Cool

Frozen chew toys can be a fun way for pets to cool down in hot weather. This is designed to be frozen, and it's filled with purified water so it’s nontoxic and safe for your dog. It's safe for both indoor and outdoor use, and because it gives your dog something to focus on, it works wonders to relieve separation anxiety and keep boredom at bay. If you have a puppy at home, this frozen toy can help them through the teething stage as well.

According to a fan: “I like that this seems to be the perfect mix of being soft and flexible (so fun for the dog to bite into) while not being so flimsy that it will fall apart after a couple uses, seems to be extremely high quality. The feature of being able to use it for drinking out of is very cool too and one that I never would've thought of. Perfect for hot summer days when I'm sitting in the lawn and want to make sure my dog has quick access to water at any time.”


The Ice Cream Made Especially For Your Pup

Ice cream for dogs. Who knew? For an easy and delicious way to keep your pups cool, try this ice cream made especially for them. Just add water and freeze for scoop-able ice cream in a maple bacon flavor. It's grain-free, all-natural, and lactose-free, and with hundreds of five-star reviews, pet parents approve.

According to a fan: “My dogs loved this!!! I made puppuccinos, and they went crazy for them. Super easy to make. Worth every penny!”


A Doggy Wading Pool They Can't Pop

There’s probably no better way to beat the heat than splashing around in water, and the same holds true for your pup. This doggy pool is made with a combination of thick plywood and PVC so it can stand up to excitable dogs. Although pretty stout, this pool folds down quickly and easily for portability and storage, and the plastic drain valve helps a ton when it’s time to clear the yard. Reviewers have even noted how easy it was to set up and empty. Available in multiple sizes, this pool also has an anti-skid bottom that keeps pups (and the kids who join them) safe.

According to a fan: “I have a Shepherd/retriever mix. She ABSOLUTELY loves it. I recommend this to anyone looking for a great pool. It’s easy to empty water too.”

  • Available sizes: L-XXL


A Water Bowl That Stays Cool For Hours

This cooling water bowl keeps your dog’s water refreshingly cold when temperatures are on the rise. Simply place the bowl in the freezer, remove it, and fill the bowl with water when you’re ready. The nontoxic gel core and the double-walled stainless steel bowl work together to supply your pup with cold water throughout the day. This bowl has a 28-ounce capacity, or approximately 3.5 cups.

According to a fan: “Excellent product. Keeps puppy's water nice and cold all day long. To keep the water colder even longer I put about a half-inch of water into the bowl and freeze it, so that block of ice on the bottom of the bowl slowly melts throughout the day and keeps the bowl colder even longer. ... [Six] hours later there is still ice floating in his water! Highly recommend this, especially for hot days, or if you're away all day and can't change the water again until you're home at night.”


The Best Portable Dog Water Dispenser

Make sure your pup has plenty of water to stay hydrated with this compact water bottle. Ideal for walks and travel, this water bottle holds 12 ounces of fresh water, and the leak-proof lid ensures that there are no spills. Easy to use with one-handed operation, this water bottle comes apart easily for cleaning and refills, and the removable top can even be attached to larger water bottles.

According to a fan: “We bought this to use for a road trip from SoCal to NorCal and it was a lifesaver! We got the small bottle for our Maltipoo terrier mix, and it's the perfect size for him. Super convenient and so much better than having to carry around a collapsible bowl and a bottle of water. We haven't had any issues with water leakage or any dispensing problems, and it seems pretty durable seeing as I've tossed it into my backpack a couple of times when I'm rushing to head out with the dog.”


12. A Cooling Crate Fan That Snaps On So Easily

To keep your pup cool even in a crate or kennel, try this cooling crate fan that snaps on easily. This fan has two speeds and operates quietly so it likely won’t scare your dog. Using this fan is super easy, and two D batteries will keep it running for about 100 hours.

According to a fan: “This little fan ran 50+ hours on one set of batteries when we drove cross country. ... The dogs stayed cool and comfortable, and the fan was relatively quiet considering it was right beside my head. Great purchase, I'm very happy with it.”