These Cooling Dog Beds Will Have Your Pup Lounging In Style This Summer


Just because the weather has turned balmy and hot, doesn't mean dogs should have to sacrifice their outdoor naps. But, when the sun beats down and temperatures rise, it can be uncomfortable and dangerous for a pup to stay outside for too long. Fortunately, one of the best cooling dog beds can provide your pup with a place to perch that is cool and relaxing no matter the weather.

The best cooling beds are typically elevated off the ground to allow cool air to circulate underneath and create a gentle breeze. Fabric-wise, they are usually constructed from mesh or other breathable materials that won’t trap body heat in your dog’s core region. Some beds even have additional features like built-in cooling gels.

And for the best cooling bed for the outdoors, you should consider a cooling bed with a canopy, which will keep your dog cool and protected from the sun when he or she wants to lounge outside all day.

As you shop, don't forget about durability and portability. After all, no one wants their dog bed break on them (or their pup), or be too heavy to easily move. To make your decision a breeze, I've rounded up the best dog beds out there to keep your dog comfortable even in the hottest weather.


The Most Affordable Elevated Bed

This elevated dog bed is constructed with ultra-breathable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric that reduces hot spots and keeps your dog refreshed. It's also the most affordable bed on this list, and is built with a powder-coated steel frame that's tough enough to stand up to the outdoors, but light enough for you to easily move. It comes in five sizes and multiple colors, so you'll be able to pick out the perfect bed for your dog. Its suspended platform lifts pressure from the joints, and creates a soft and comfortable spot for your dog to rest. And best of all, this bed has almost 12,000 reviews on Amazon from dog owners who adore it. "I highly recommend this bed," said one happy Amazon customer. "For anyone with a dog, but especially dogs that have thick fur and overheat easily. It really keeps (my dog) cool and comfortable."

  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL


The Best Covered Bed

As if being elevated off of the ground isn't enough, this awesome covered dog bed takes cooling to the next level with a built-in canopy overhead. Made with breathable, lightweight mesh derived from 600D Oxford Fabric, this cooling bed provides a breezy and shady place for your dog to sleep. Conversely, one reviewer praises how easily it is to remove the canopy and use it as an elevated platform to keep her pup from getting cold sleeping on the floor on winter nights. One thing to note? While this cot comes in two sizes, small and medium, larger dogs (reviewers say anything over 60 pounds) would probably struggle to fit in this canopy bed. If you're looking for an elevated bed for a large dog, the first option on this list is definitely better for you.

  • Available sizes: S-M


The Best Bed For Travel

This travel-friendly and lightweight cooling bed folds up and snaps together into an easy, compact space, so that you can take it with you anywhere. It's made of airy, cooling mesh that's elevated off the ground to keep your dog from overheating or getting muddy from the ground. Another unique feature? It has an ergonomically curved back support to promote deep resting and relaxation. And if your pup is large, you can grab the larger size option which can hold a dog up to 90 pounds. "We use this doggie bed when we go on our RV trips," said one please Amazon user. "It's easy to spray off and it keeps her cool here in Florida."

  • Available sizes: M, L-XL


The Best Orthopedic Bed For Older Dogs

As your dog grows older, it gets tougher for them to climb onto the elevated-style cooling beds. This ultra-soft flat dog bed offers additional cushioning and support while still featuring cooling properties. Built with orthopedic, high-density memory foam, its surface cools and regulates your pup's body temperature. The foam material also relieves pressure points and offers alignment support, making it a great tool to help them sleep more restfully. On top of that, it has a waterproof liner that's easy to wash and odor-free for pups prone to incontinence. "This is it!!" said one enthusiastic reviewer on Amazon. "(My dog) loved it as soon as I took it out of the box. ... Stays cool to the touch, unlike some of the furry ones you can buy. Very sturdy stitching, and has a waterproof liner."

  • Available sizes: S-M, XL


The Best Cooling Mat

While, no, this isn't technically a "bed," this cooling pad for dog beds is a great addition you can place on your dog's favorite place to sleep to help them keep cool. Made with patented pressure-activated gel technology, the material cools their fur for up to four hours. Once they get up, the gel becomes reactivated and cold again within 15 to 20 minutes — and that happens entirely on its own, without any water, electricity, or refrigeration. You can put it on top of their bed, inside their crate, on a mattress, or even take it outside. "I cannot say enough great things about this pad," said one Amazon customer. "Our dog is a 55 pound Golden Retriever and was so hot at night in our bedroom. ... THIS PRODUCT IS LIFE CHANGING. ... He absolutely loves it and there is no more uncomfortable nights for him."

  • Available sizes: S, M-L, L, XL

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