The 12 Best Socks For Sweaty Feet

The whole point of socks is to keep your feet comfortable, and one way they do that is by absorbing the sweat that would otherwise end up embedded in your shoes. That being said, not all socks are created equal. The best socks for sweaty feet do both of those things a whole lot more effectively.

If your feet sweat a lot, you've probably tried out your fair share of powders, absorbents, and maybe even deodorants specifically for your feet. But few people think to look at the materials they're putting on their feet every day. Some fabrics are better than others when it comes to keeping your feet feeling fresh. The truth is, synthetic fibers aren't as good at wicking away moisture and can end up trapping that moisture against your feet all day.

Most people prefer natural materials like cotton and bamboo because they make for breathable socks that wick sweat and allow for airflow. In fact, a recent study shows that bamboo is actually antibacterial to a certain degree, so it can help slow the growth of odor-causing bacteria, too.

It's not the only way, though. Some brands that use synthetic fibers infuse their socks with antibacterial agents. Synthetic or natural, these brilliantly designed socks are all made to keep your feet dry.


A Marino Wool Pair That's Cool In The Summer But Warm In The Winter

Farm to Feet Greensboro Multisport Socks (Sizes S-L), $9-$17, Amazon

While wool might seem counter-intuitive because of how warm it is, these Farm to Feet Greensboro multisport socks are actually great at reducing how much sweat gets trapped inside your socks. They're also super soft, itch-free, and use an advanced knitting technique to reduce blisters and chafing. "I had no problems with heat, sweat/dampness," says one reviewer.


A Pair Of No-Show Socks That's Infused With Bacteria-Fighting Copper

BrainSox No-Show Antibacterial Socks (Sizes S-L), $10-$15, Amazon

These no-show antibacterial socks are thin and breathable, and they're actually infused with copper to keep bacteria growth at bay. They've even got a non-slip bottom grid and mostly cotton construction to keep your shoes on and your feet comfy.


Socks Made From Naturally Antimicrobial Bamboo That Wicks Moisture Away From Your Feet

Bambu Premium Bamboo Socks (Sizes S-M), $14-$18, Amazon

These Bambu socks utilize the anti-microbial and sweat-wicking qualities of bamboo to keep your feet fresh. They've got a super comfortable stretchy design that won't show under your shoes, and reviewers say, "They keep my feet dry."


Heavy-Duty Wool Socks That Balance The Temperature Of Your Feet

Smartwool Hike Crew Socks (Sizes S-L), $16-$64, Amazon

Because they're made from real Marino wool, these Smartwool Hike crew socks breathe easily, wick moisture, and resistant odor-causing bacteria. That being said, they're also super warm and comfortable for fall hikes and winter excursions. "My feet don't sweat, and they don't ache because of the oh-so-comfortable cushioning," says one reviewer, who also raves, "They last FOREVER."


Socks Treated With Antibacterial & Anti-Sweat Under ArmOur

Under Armour Essential Twist No Show Socks, $20 (Pack of 6), Amazon

They come in tons of cute colors (which make matching way easier on laundry day), and they're treated with ArmOur block technology to stop sweat and bacteria-growth. That's why reviewers say that these Under Armour Essential Twist socks "are very comfortable to wear when working out and much more comfortable to sweat in."


Cute & Casual Bamboo Socks That Are Easy To Care For

Yhao Bamboo Casual Ankle Socks (Sizes M-XL), $6-$18 (Pack of 4), Amazon

In addition to being super lightweight, breathable, and soft, these casual ankle socks are also really easy to care for. They hold up well to washes and don't fade. "This brand was clearly the best choice in terms of fabric content and cushioning, and comfort," says one satisfied reviewer.


Athletic Socks That Have Been Treated With Odor-Resistant Silvadur

New Balance Athletic Socks (Sizes 6-12), $10-$13 (Pack of 3), Amazon

People are loving these seamless athletic socks, which resist odor-causing bacteria because they're treated with Silvadur. They also have mesh panels for air flow, seamless toes to reduce chafing, and moisture-wicking qualities to reduce sweat.


Cotton Liners That Actually Stay On (Even With Pumps)

Cotton No-Show Boat Socks (Sizes 6-12), $13, Amazon

These Boat Socks are made from primarily cotton, so they're great when it comes to absorbing moisture and allowing for airflow. They've also got a subtle lace design and a non-skid silicone patch for discreet wear in pumps, ballet shoes, sneakers, or flats. "These stayed on all day which was really impressive," says one reviewer.


Antibacterial Copper Socks That Protect Your Ankles From Blisters

Kodal Copper Antibacterial Athletic Socks (Sizes 6-14), $6-$23 (Pack of 3), Amazon

Because they're 80 percent cotton and 20 percent copper yarn, these Kodal antibacterial socks can apparently kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria within two hours. They also have a mesh venting to keep feet dry and a tab that sticks up from the back of the sock to prevent blisters.


A Pair Of Extra-Warm Socks With Silver Drystat Capabilities

Eurosocks Snow Skiing Socks (Sizes S-L), $11-$25, Amazon

For extra cold winter days or snow sports, there are Eurosocks skiing socks. They're non-bulky and fit like a second skin, but produce a ton of warmth to keep you comfortable. They're also infused with Silver Drystat capabilities to keep feet dry, even if you're sweating.


Lightweight Cotton Socks That Wick Sweat Away In The Summer

Nike Dri-Fit Lightweight Socks (Sizes S-M), $17-$92 (Pack of 3), Amazon

These Nike socks are an awesome "stay in place, lighter summer sock" because they're made from 100 percent cotton and use a Dri-Fit design to wick sweat away from your feet. They also have a supportive fit with arch compression to keep you comfortable while you're moving, and reviewers say they're good for running.


The Coolest Socks You'll Ever Own

MadSportsStuff Neon Unicorn Socks, $16, Amazon

Finally, there are these neon unicorn socks, which are fresh in both senses of the word. They use ankle and arch compression to minimize fatigue, they're infused with Alphasan antimicrobials, they control blisters and chafing, and they look ridiculously awesome.

You're getting these, right?

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