The 12 Best Summer Rain Jackets To Keep You Cool

Just because it's summer doesn't mean the sun is always shining. How many times have you headed out for a hike or were on a tropical beach vacation and were surprised by an unexpected downpour? It sucks, but it happens. Enter: The best summer rain jackets for staying cool and dry during your next outdoor adventure.

Now, the first thing I think of when I hear "summer rain jacket" is "hot." Not only is the idea of putting on any kind of coat when it's 85 degrees outside unpleasant, but waterproof fabric is notoriously unbreathable — and what is the point of a jacket that keeps you dry, if it also makes you sweat?

Luckily, there are alternatives to the stuffy rubber raincoats we are all too familiar with. Featuring mesh linings, breathable fabrics, and even armpit venting, there are rain jackets that are specifically designed with summer weather in mind.

Plus, rain jackets have come a long way from the Gorton's Fisherman look. There are ponchos, windbreakers, trenches — and most of them come in an amazing range of colors and prints. I promise you won't look like you're about to join the cast of the Deadliest Catch. Instead, you'll be dry, comfortable, and as cool as ever.

1. A Designer Anorak That Looks As Cool As It Feels


Calvin Klein Rain Anorak (Sizes XS-XL), $55-$88, Amazon

Before you head to, anorak is just another word for a raincoat. Although in Britain, it's also used as a slang term meaning "geek." Regardless of the name, it's an excellent jacket for the summer time. It has a cinched waist for a great fit and it's lightweight enough to fit in your bag. You'll look cool and stay cool in this coat and don't worry, no one will call you a geek.

2. A Super Lightweight Jacket With UV Protection


SWOMOG Unisex Waterproof Lightweight Raincoat (Sizes S-XXL), $17-$20, Amazon

If there's even a chance of rain, you should have this light jacket in your bag. It has UV protection and the breathable fabric keeps you cool. There's a hood and two big pockets in the front, so it has everything you need. Since the jacket weighs less than an iPhone, you might as well keep on hand for any surprise showers.

3. An Eco-Friendly Raincoat That Is Cute AF


LvDD Raincoat, $13, Amazon

Not only are these raincoats stylish and breathable for summer, they are also eco-friendly. They come in five colors (pink, blue, yellow, green, and clear), feature two pockets and a drawstring hoodie.

4. A Raincoat With A Hidden Pocket For Your Phone


Columbia Sportswear Splash A Little Rain Jacket (Sizes 1X-3X), $100, Amazon

This long rain coat is a great casual jacket to take you through transitioning weather. The fabric is light and breathable while being completely waterproof. There's an adjustable hood and hidden zippered pocket so your phone should survive even if you get stuck in a downpour.

5. A Bold Rain Jacket That Will Brighten Up A Rainy Day


Boohoo Womens Karina Zip Through Hooded Rain Mac, $36, Amazon

The bold color will brighten up any gray while the exaggerated A-line silhouette of this lightweight jacket will let air in and keep the fabric from sticking to your body. It also features a hood, and multiples adjustable cords for securing a tighter fit.

6. A Cute Polka Dot Jacket With An A-Line Cut


Priny Long Dot Waterproof Rain Jacket (One Size), $17, Amazon

I'm sometimes hesitant to buy a raincoat because I always think they'll be bulky and matronly looking. But this adorable rain jacket is a dream. The A-line cut and polka dot pattern give it a cute retro feel. It doesn't just have the looks though, the coat is made from extremely waterproof material that dries in a flash. Plus, it comes with its own carrying bag.

7. A Classic Rain Jacket That Comes In A Huge Range Of Colors


Columbia Big Arcadia II Jacket (Sizes 1X-3X), $70, Amazon

If you're outdoors a lot, this is a great go-to rain jacket. It may look like your average raincoat, but it's actually made with light, breathable fabrics to keep you cool when it's wet and warm. With an adjustable hood and zippered pockets, you will definitely stay dry even in an unexpected storm. Plus, it comes in a huge range of cute colors to brighten up those grey days.

8. A Waterproof Jacket That Comes in '80s Inspired Colors


Alafen Unisex Nylon Ultrathin Breathable Windbreaker (Sizes XS-L), $14-$22, Amazon

Just because it's gray outside doesn't mean you have to match the drab settings. This jacket comes in a huge range of colors from pure white to an '80s inspired hot pink and chartreuse combo. The material is super light, almost sheer, but is guaranteed to keep you dry. If you'll be in a really hot place with a chance of showers, this might be your best bet.

9. The Coat With Advanced Evaporation Technology


Columbia Evaporation Jacket (1X-2X), $110, Amazon

If you're looking for the latest in raincoat technology, this is the jacket you want. It's uses Columbia's own advanced material technology to ensure it is waterproof, durable, and super breathable. So, if you like a little science with your fashion, this is it. Plus, it has vented underarms for additional airflow and it's also available in several on-trend colors, including a Millennial pink and a minty green.

10. A Great Transitional Jacket With A Casual Look


Beyove Waterproof Rain Jacket (S-XXL), $36, Amazon

If you live in a milder climate, you could easily wear this jacket all year. If you have cold winters, then this coat will take you from spring-fall, which is still pretty good. The casual style is made from waterproof, quick-drying fabric and has mesh lining.

11. An Affordable Jacket That Comes In A Quirky Cosmic Print


InMoo Unisex Water Resistant Hoodie (Sizes XS-XL), $21, Amazon

This jacket ticks all of the usual boxes: It's water-repellent, breathable, and protects against UV rays. But as an added bonus, its comes in a fun, quirky cosmic print. But if you're not into the cosmic look, it also comes in a few ombre colored designs, too.

12. A Lightweight Jacket With Heavy Duty Protection


Elesol Front-Zip Hooded Reflective Stripe Rain Jacket (Sizes M-XXXL), $29, Amazon

If you're going camping or doing an outdoor activity where you could get stuck in the rain for a while, give this coat a try. It's waterproof with a drawcord hood and zippered pockets to keep everything dry. Though it looks like a typical outdoor jacket, the material is extra breathable to keep you cool and the fabric dries almost instantly. Plus, it has a reflective stripe so you're visible at night. If light blue (shown) isn't your color, it's also available in red, black, and sky blue.

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