The 12 Best Warm Leggings For Hiking

When the cold weather hits, it's insanely difficult to get me out the door. It's not that I don't love the winter — because I do. I just love it from one side of the window, and that's the side with my bed and laptop. The best warm leggings for hiking (and if you're me, everything) are probably the sole thing preventing me from going full-on hermit from November through March.

If you're wondering what to wear for hiking in cold weather, warm leggings are an absolute staple. The best thing about them is that they trap the heat in without the added bulk. Most are lined with fleece, velvet, or some other kind of insulating material, but they're still relatively thin. That means you can wear them on their own or layer them up without feeling like the abominable snow(o)man.

Warm weather leggings (especially the athletic kind) also tend to use knits and fabrics that wick sweat and allow moisture to escape, so you stay dry as well as warm. So whether you're planning a winter hiking trip or you just like to stay extra cozy on your way to yoga, these extra warm leggings might just be the best investment you make this year.

1. Wool Leggings That Are Thick, Breathable, & Won't Cause Chafing


Minus33 Merino Wool Leggings (Sizes XS-3XL), $65-$81, Amazon

Made from 100 percent wool, these Minus33 leggings are amazingly warm and thick while remaining breathable and flexible. They also wick moisture, have flatlock seams that won't chafe, come in multiple colors, and are suitable for fishing, camping, hiking, or snowsports.

2. Weatherproof Leggings That Keep You Warm By Wicking Away Moisture


32 Degrees Heat Weatherproof Thermal Leggings (Sizes M-XL), $10-$28, Amazon

These 32 Degrees weatherproof leggings are specifically designed to wick away moisture to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. Reviewers call them "thin and smooth and surprisingly warm," and they're anti-static and anti-odor, too.

3. Leggings That Are Thin Enough To Layer, But You Probably Won't Have To


Duofold Heavy-Weight Double-Layer Thermal Leggings (Sizes S-XL), $22-$51, Amazon

Because they're made from double-layer heavyweight thermal fabric, these Duofold leggings are great for hiking, running, or cycling in extreme weather. While they're thin enough to layer, you probably won't even have to. "Wore them today in 40 degree weather and I was totally comfortable," says one reviewer.

4. Plus Size Cotton Leggings That Are Easy To Care For


Zerdocean Plus Size Thermal Leggings (Sizes 1X-3X Plus), $16, Amazon

These Zerdocean plus size leggings are super comfy and easy to care for. They're made from thick cotton that wicks moisture and keeps you warm, and since they're anti-pill and non-transparent, reviewers are thrilled. "I've been wearing them for two weeks, and no pilling has occurred, even after three washes."

5. Wool-Blend Leggings That Are Tag-Free & Easy To Move In


Ibex Merino Wool Leggings (Sizes XS-XL), $51-$90, Amazon

Made with a mixture of wool and nylon, these Ibex leggings are breathable and warm instead of itchy. They have flat seams and no tags so you stay comfortable, and they're made with a gusseted crotch and rib-knit design for ease of movement.

6. Fleece-Lined Yoga Pants That Keep You Oh So Cozy


90 Degree By Reflex Fleece Lined Leggings (Sizes XS-XL), $20, Amazon

Not only do they come in 12 colors and designs, but these 90 Degree By Reflex leggings are lined with a layer of fleece for extra comfort and warmth. They've even got a wide waistband and hidden pocket for your convenience, and reviewers rave, "Very comfy leggings, especially in the winter!"

7. Leggings That Are Glossy On The Outside But Velvet On The Inside


Weigou Velvet-Lined Leggings (Sizes S-XL), $15, Amazon

Even though they're shiny and sleek on the outside, these Weigou leggings have a layer of velvet on the inside. People love them because they're comfortable, warm, thick, and have a bit of a gloss to them.

8. Plus Size Leggings With Two Types Of Technology That Keep You Warm & Fresh


ColdPruf Platinum Plus Size Leggings (Sizes 1X-3X), $22-$29, Amazon

These ColdPruf Platinum Plus Size Leggings are made for the roughest of expeditions because they're made with ColdPruf fiber polyester and SILVADUR technology. The former traps your body heat in while the latter keeps them smelling fresh and clean no matter what.

9. Fleece-Lined Leggings That Are Great For Petite People


Warm Fleece Lined Leggings (Sizes 0-20), $10, Amazon

Reviewers say that these colorful fleece-lined leggings hit just above the foot if you're short, which is great news for petite people who often have a whole wad of extra fabric at their ankles. They also provide comfort and warmth with their double layer fabric, a high waistband, flat seams, and durable but flexible stitching.

10. Leggings With Four-Way Stretch That Allow Full Athletic Movement


RBX Active Fleece Arctic Barrier Athletic Tights (Sizes M-XL), $20, Amazon

For particularly athletic outdoor activities, there's the RBX Active Arctic Barrier tights. The four-way stitch offers full freedom of movement, but the fleece material keeps you extra warm. They also have flat seams to reduce chafing and an interior pocket for your keys or phone.

11. Thin Leggings That Layer Well & Really Trap The Heat In


Heat Holders Leggings (Sizes S-XL), $12-$15, Amazon

Even though they're almost thin enough to see through, these Heat Holders feature advanced insulating yarn that maximizes the amount of warm air held against your skin. They're great for layering or wearing under dresses and sweaters, and reviewers say they're warm, cozy, comfortable, and actually stay up without constant adjustment.

12. Easy-To-Wash Leggings Made From Pre-Shrunk Cotton


Hanes X-Temp Thermal Pant (Sizes S-XXXL), $12-$20, Amazon

Made primarily with cotton and already pre-shrunk, the Hanes X-Temp Thermal Pants come in several designs and colors. Reviewers say they're breathable, great for layering, and "keeps me warm while November hiking in the cold." They also have flat no-rub seams, and you can just throw them in the wash along with your other clothes.

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