Cooking More At Home? These Are The Most Useful Kitchen Tools On Amazon


Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a full-on foodie, the most useful kitchen tools are an absolute must. There are so many genius new kitchen gadgets and utensils out there that it's almost too easy to find a kitchen tool that makes your life easier.

The key to sorting through them all is to consider the function. For a tool to be truly useful, you want to steer away from single-use objects. While a chicken-shaped egg separator, it literally has one job to do and then in clutters up your drawers. So instead, you want to make sure that any helpful kitchen tools you choose is multipurpose and can be used for a variety of dishes.

Another thing to keep in mind is quality. There are so many neat gadgets that claim to cut down on your cooking time, but if they're made from cheap materials, they'll actually cost you time (and money) in the long run. Be sure to look for stainless steel kitchen tools and gadgets made from durable, BPA-free plastics and silicone.

If you aren't sure where to start, I've got you. Here's a roundup of some of the most brilliant kitchen tools on the market.


A High-Quality Kitchen Knife

This single high-quality knife can cut through literally anything and everything. It's made from a single piece of high-carbon Japanese steel that's both stain-resistant and sharp enough to cut through everything from roasts to raw vegetables. It also features an ergonomic handle with finger "touch points" that keep your hands from slipping while you slice. With more than 8,000 Amazon reviewers and a 4.8-star rating, this knife is a great pick for any kitchen.

According to one reviewer: "That knife is unbelievably sharp right out of the package. Since [my] first review, I've ordered two more. The only reason this review is five stars is because I cannot give it more. Would be a perfect ten if available."


A Pair Of Kitchen Shears That Double As Tongs

Chopping up a fresh salad is easier than ever with these toss and chop scissors. At first glance, they look like a regular pair of kitchen scissors, but these scissors feature a sharp, double blade on top and a curved tong on the bottom. To use, just drop your favorite veggies into a bowl and toss with these scissors. They instantly chop your carrots, lettuce, and other vegetables into equal pieces while you mix everything together. Amazon reviewers agree that these scissors are one of the best kitchen gadgets ever.

According to one reviewer: "Best kitchen tool I've bought in the last 2 years! Highly recommend hand wash and/or rinse. Dishwasher is too tough on the springs, they rust out quickly. But amazing product once you hand wash."


A Can Opener That's Safe And Easy To Use

This can opener glides so smoothly over aluminum that it's truly a pleasure to use it. It features a large side-wind knob that's super easy to turn, and the soft-grip ergonomic handles ensure that your hand never slips. But the highlight of this opener is the blade. It slices open your lids with a buttery smooth edge that won't cut your fingers, and it even has mini pliers to safely lift the lid. Over 3,000 fans have left reviews on Amazon and given this can opener an average rating of 4.3 stars.

According to one reviewer: "Very easy to use, feels great in my aging hands, having fun using it. Very smooth edges when done cutting. The built in lifter tool is easy to use, there is no tugging and fighting with anything. So happy to have found this."


A Deep Nonstick Pan That Can Hold Plenty Of Food

You won't regret investing in this nonstick copper pan that's big enough to hold an entire meal. For one, it's made from high-quality copper with a stainless steel conduction plate, both of which are natural heat conductors and warm every inch of this pan evenly. This pan is 12 inches wide and over 4 inches deep, so you can cook all your meats, grains, and veggies together without having to dirty multiple pots and pans. Plus, it comes with a sealing lid, which gives you even more cooking options.

According to one reviewer: "[This] pan is dishwasher safe, non stick and I have gone from stove top to oven in one dish. These are wonderful. I would definitely purchase as a gift to friends."


These Measuring Cups, Spoons & Mixing Bowls That Nest Together

For a major space saver, this nesting bowl set comes with nine tools that all snap into each other so storage is easier than ever. And even when they're all hooked into each other, Amazon reviewers love how lightweight and easy to carry they are. The set includes large and small mixing bowls, a large colander, a stainless steel sieve, four measuring cups of different sizes, and a tablespoon.

According to one reviewer: "Love these. I live in an apartment and love the nesting function. I've had these bowls and used them frequently over the last 6 months without any problems. I have also placed them in the dishwasher multiple times without any problems with shrinking or warping."


A Flexible Spatula That Can Pick Up Anything

This BPA-free spatula is wide enough to pick up anything, making it a super useful addition to your kitchen. At its widest, the base is 6 inches long so it can flip even large, fluffy pancakes. It's also made from high-quality, flexible silicone so you can sweep it around the edges of any pan or pot with ease. Plus, it's thin enough to easily slip beneath food, and it's heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to one reviewer: "This spatula works especially well in high-walled casserole dishes and pans, where it allows you to get under food right at the edge without damaging or tearing (I use it for things like enchiladas, the width, combined with the ability to slip underneath from the edge of a dish means it enchiladas aren’t shredded before they get to the plate). I would definitely recommend this product over the better known names found in retail stores or competitors found on Amazon."


A Multi-Cooker That Makes Meal Prep A Breeze

More than 50,000 Amazon reviewers are massive fans of the Instant Pot for a ton of reasons. For one, it can cook just about anything — and it does it in half the time of a slow cooker or conventional oven. It's also super easy to use. Just drop any ingredients you want to use into the pot, snap on the lid, and set the timer. Once this multi-cooker comes to pressure, it only takes a few minutes to make everything from full roasts to hearty stews and soups.

According to one reviewer: "I didn't want to like the Instant Pot because it seemed like such a fad/trend, but... I am now one of its biggest promoters. I LOVE this thing. I think that I've only used my stove and oven a couple of times since I got [one].I had the 6-quart at first and when I realized how much I was using it and needed a bigger one, I got the 8-quart."


A Handheld Mincing Tool That Keeps Your Hands Clean

If you love garlic but hate the sticky feeling it leaves behind on your fingers, this garlic twist tool is a game-changer. It's made from durable, BPA-free plastic and features tiny "mincing teeth" on the edges. To use, just place your garlic cloves into the base, snap on the lid, and twist. It minces your garlic immediately and guides the pieces into two triangles so it's easy to scoop up. And the best part is you can also use this tool to mince herbs, nuts, and more. And, as with all the tools on this list, this one can be used for multiple purposes. You can grind nuts, peppers, and even herbs.

According to one reviewer: "My knife skills aren't great, but mainly I wanted to avoid smelly hands from cutting garlic. This twister works exactly as described and makes the job a breeze. My only regret is that I didn't know about this a long time ago."


A Set Of Collapsible Silicone Funnels To Minimize Spills

Kitchen cleanup just got a whole lot easier with this set of BPA-free silicone funnels. They come in two sizes — one that's perfect for larger jugs and bottles, and a second that's great for smaller openings. They're both made from flexible, food-grade silicone and can be safely heated up to 250 degrees Celsius (458 degrees Fahrenheit). You can even wash these in the dishwasher when you're finished pouring, and then collapse them into a flat disc that can fit into any drawer.

According to one reviewer: "I used to just roll up a piece of paper and make my own funnel, but that has [its] own set of issues. These funnels work great and the powder doesn't stick to them like plastic funnels. Also, it is really easy to just squeeze them and force the powder down if it gets stuck."


A Handheld Grater That Can Zest Citrus, Too

You can toss that old box grater for good and invest in this space-saving handheld grater instead. It's way easier to use — just hang onto the sturdy, ergonomic handle instead of accidentally nicking your knuckles on the blades. This grater also features a sharp, stainless steel blade that won't rust over time, and it's not just for grating cheese. Amazon reviewers have used this tool for grating chocolate, nuts, zesting citrus fruits, and more. This handheld grater inspires a ton of strong feelings for over 1,500 Amazon reviewers.

According to one reviewer: "I've often heard it said that it helps to have the right tool for the job. And a good tool as well. This zester/grater proves this. I have always groaned when having to zest for a recipe. The zester I had for years was a royal pain to use. I have only used the Deiss PRO once so far, and it was such a pleasure. Easy to use, easy to clean. This is a professional tool."


A Pair Of Nonstick Silicone Baking Mats You Can Reuse

Instead of rolling out the aluminum foil every time you bake, snag these silicone mats for flawless, evenly heated treats. They come in a set of two, and each mat fits perfectly on a standard-sized baking sheet (they are each 11.6 by 16.5 inches in size). They're also made from food-grade silicone that's oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you don't have to worry about them melting in the oven. Just drop your cookie dough and crescent rolls directly onto the mat, bake, and slide them right off after they cool. These even come in a few different packs (three-packs and four-packs, as well) in a variety of size options in case you are outfitting different-sized pans.

According to one reviewer: "These baking mats are absolutely fantastic. The quality is superb, and SUCH a good price. I use them for just about everything I put in the oven. From oven pizzas, cookies, you name it! I also love that besides food sliding easily off the non stick surface, that they help protect all my baking sheets and such. It’s also super handy to just throw them in the top shelf of the dishwasher or even just wipe clean."


A Food Processing System That Does It All

This food processing system makes everything from smoothies to soups in a snap. First up: the blender. The Ninja blender is a super powerful gadget with sharp blades that can chop and grind up literally any ingredients you put inside it. You can also use the same base and the food processor attachment to smooth out and soups. The specially-curved blades can blend dough in 30 seconds or less. Plus, this kid comes with two smoothie cups, and the whole system is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

According to one reviewer: "This machine itself is excellent. The thing has more wattage than my professional Italian hairdryer (that's a lot). It juuust fits underneath my cabinet so the size is perfect. I love all the little clever bits, like the bottom handles that release the suction cups, and the lock that holds open the pour spout lid. Attention to details like these are what make for excellent products."

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