The 13 Best Post-Credits Scenes In Movie History

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With the first screening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 having taken place, those who've seen it were stunned to see that the film includes five post-credit scenes. That. Is. Insane. There aren't any details yet as to what these scenes consist of, but I'm sure they're all great. I'm wondering, though, how they'll ultimately rank among the best post-credits scenes in movie history. There have been a lot of great ones over the years, especially in recent films, and Guardians 2 now has five chances to try and outdo them all.

Guardians 2 is of course a Marvel Studios film, and while Marvel didn't invent the post-credits scene, the studio sure has popularized them. Anyone watching a Marvel movie knows to stay until the theater turns the lights on, and because of that conditioned behavior, many people will sit through basically any movie until the credits are finished... just in case. A lot of times, the scene doesn't prove worth the wait, unfortunately. Like the reveal that the awful version of Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine was still alive at the end of the movie? No one wanted to see that. But there have been plenty of great post-credits scenes, too, so take a look below to see which scenes are the best ever.


'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

If you weren't already smiling at the end of this delightful movie, then you definitely were after seeing Baby Groot dance to Michael Jackson.

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'Ferris Bueller’s Day Off'

Breaking the fourth wall doesn't always work, but it did here.

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'Fast Five'

The franchise became a massive blockbuster franchise with this installment, and its end-credits scene was a preview of more insanity to come.

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'Iron Man'

The one that started at all for Marvel.

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'Young Sherlock Holmes'

Wait, the bad guy didn't die? And he's actually Sherlock Holmes' archenemy Moriarty? Nice.

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'A Knight’s Tale'

If all else fails, just go with a fart joke.

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'The Avengers' (Thanos)

The Thanos tease at the end of this 2012 film drove Marvel nerds nuts, and we'll finally be able to see it pay off in next year's Infinity War.

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'Wayne’s World'

A movie that clearly didn't want to end with its multiple endings, the post-credits scene features Garth sincerely asking if anyone's going to tell them to leave.

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'Napoleon Dynamite'

The wedding of the century occurred in a post-credits scene.

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'Planes, Trains, And Automobiles'

A clever callback to the beginning of the film, you've really got to pay attention to get the joke here.

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There are inventive post-credits scenes, and then there's Crank's recreation of the film in old school video game form. Pretty genius.

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Another callback to an early scene in the film, the line delivery of the joke is what really sells this brilliant scene.

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'The Avengers' (Shawarma)

After the heavy Thanos scene, the mood was lightened considerably by this second post-credits scene referencing Tony Stark's joke during the movie's big battle.

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