Stick Around After The 'Ghostbusters' Credits Roll

Over the past decade or so, fans of sci-fi action movies have been increasingly treated to more of their favorite films. What I mean by this is the prevalence of post-credits scenes has gone up dramatically. Fans mostly have Marvel Studios to thank for this trend, as although the superhero franchise did not invent the post-credits scene, they may have perfected it, and have certainly trained big action movie audiences to sit in the theater until the lights come up. But what about the next big blockbuster coming our way? Is there a post-credits scene in Ghostbusters ?

Fans who enjoy a little something extra with their films can start celebrating, because Ghostbusters is full of entertainment after the movie "ends." Spoilers ahead! First, there are a number of funny and cut scenes that play out during the credits (scenes that some reviewers have even called some of the funniest parts of the entire movie). Then, after the hilarity ends, it's time for the proper post-credits scene. This scene, in the Marvel tradition, teases a sequel. In it, Patty (Leslie Jones) listens to some recorded tapes of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and hears a name: Zuul. Zuul of course is the name of the minion of Gozer who possesses Dana Barrett in the original Ghostbusters, and it sounds like the demon could reappear in a sequel to the new film.

But Ghostbusters is a rare beast in that it's not just a big sci-fi action movie; it's also a comedy — a genre not really known for post-credits scenes. They're not unheard of though, so take a look at these other comedies with post-credits scenes.


One of the first films to ever do a post-credits scene, this 1980 classic is tough to top. In the scene, the taxi patron whose driver abandons him to get on a plane at the very beginning of the film is shown to still be waiting for his driver to return — and willing to wait another 20 minutes.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Perhaps the best known post-credits scene ever, it was honored in this year's Deadpool with a nearly identical scene.

Planes, Trains, And Automobiles

In the vein of Airplane!, this '80s classic also sees a callback to someone earlier in the film. This time, it's Neal Page's boss who is spending his Thanksgiving still fretting over which ad design to go with.

Wayne's World

In addition to various endings to the movie, Wayne's World also features Wayne and Garth doing what they do best — hanging out in Wayne's basement — at the end of the credits.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

The Austin Powers sequel sees Will Ferrell's supposedly deceased character from the first film return, only to suffer a grevious (and lengthy) injury that's still festering after the credits roll.


Another Will Ferrell appearance, this time he's awkwardly chatting with his news team after becoming the number one network again.


Original Ghostbuster Bill Murray extends his cameo as himself after the credits, calling back to another one of his classic performances: Caddyshack.


Melissa McCarthy's funniest pre-Ghostbusters movie sees her and Jason Statham's character surprisingly in bed together after the credits roll — and breaking at the comedian's likely improvised line, "Don't do that thing with your thumb again."

Ghostbusters bridges the gap between comedy and sci-fi action blockbusters — and its post-credits fun carries on the traditions of both genres.

Images: Sony Pictures; Giphy